ESID Lookup in Texas

May 23, 2023
10 minutes

ESID Number Meaning on Your Texas Electric Bill

The Electric Service Identifier (ESID), a crucial number ensuring seamless and efficient electricity service delivery to Texas residents and businesses, is a unique individual-electric service identifier.

Whether you pronounce it as an acronym or simply call it an “Easy ID”, understanding its meaning, use, and how to look it up is essential to be in control of your electrical power.

What Is The Purpose of My ESID Number?

An ESID number is to your property address what your Social Security Number (SSN) is to your personal identity. It acts like a social security number for your electric meter, serving as a unique identifier to utility companies and energy providers.

Think of it as the unique identifier that connects your property to the broader electric grid, which is fundamental to all residents and businesses in Texas. Essentially, your ESID number helps utility companies enroll customers and provides accurate pricing information specific to your location.

It also enables your energy provider to set up the electricity service to your meter, transfer energy providers, and meter electric usage, making the process faster, easier, and more efficient. Residential and commercial meters alike have an ESID.

Your ESID also reveals the utility company (also known as TDU) responsible for the delivery of electric service to your property, such as Oncor or Centerpoint. Understanding the utility company servicing your location is crucial since rates vary based on utility companies.

How to Find Your ESID Number

Use our free ESID Lookup tool to find all the details of your ESID number in no time. It's really easy!

Just enter your address in the search bar at the top of this page, hit the "Search ESID" button and voila! What can you expect to find?

  • Number: Your complete ESID number, unique to your premises
  • Premise type: Whether your space is residential or commercial
  • Status: If your ESID is Active or currently De-Energized
  • Utility: The utility provider responsible for servicing the entered address

We also provide you with a curated list of the best electricity plans available in your area.

ESID Number on the Meter and on the Electric Bill

The ESID is not typically found on your electricity meter itself. It is assigned by the electric utility company to each point of electric service, which means it's associated with your specific location, not the metering equipment.

But your ESID can be found on your electric bill, as you can see in the following example for a Texpo Energy bill:

ESID location in Texpo Enery Bill

ESID location in Texpo Enery Bill

Your Retail Electric Provider (REP) should also have your ESID number on file and can provide it to you upon request.

If you're moving to a new residence or place of business and do not have a bill, you may need to contact the utility company or use our ESID lookup tool with the service address to find the ESID. Remember, the ESID is crucial for setting up or changing your electricity service.

Your ESID and Utility Choice

You cannot choose your electric company because it depends on your location, but as a Texas resident you enjoy deregulated energy and you do get to choose your Retail Electric Provider. Your ESID tells you how your energy providers enroll you in plans and track your electricity usage.

It also gives you a list of electric providers in your area, as well as the name of the utility company (poles and wires) that serves your area once you perform an ESID number lookup.

Don’t Have an ESID Number Yet?

It’s likely because yours is a new building. If this is the case, please contact us so that we can help you obtain a new set of meters.

Within 24 hours of the meter being installed, your new meter number will be available, and a construction meter, often known as a temporary meter, will be installed. After the construction is finished, you can switch to the permanent meter.

Commercial ESID Lookup

Just as each residential property has its unique ESID, so does every business property. Our ESID number lookup tool is designed to work effectively with both residential and commercial addresses.

Just input your business address in the search bar and you'll have instant access to the ESID associated with your business property.

How Do Utilities Assign ESID IDs?

An ESI ID number is assigned by your local utility company based on the location of your property. Each utility company follows a unique format as required by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

The ESI ID number consists of several components, the first two digits are always 10, followed by a five-digit Department of Energy ID Code for the utility, followed by a unique premise ID that varies in length.

It's important to note that no matter the length or the specific digits, an ESI ID number performs the same function: it serves as a unique identifier for your electricity service location

This is how the ESID is assigned by the different utilities:

Oncor ESID

Oncor’s ESI IDs are 17 digits long, beginning with either 1044372 or 1017699 (for East TX customers), followed by a unique 10-digit code that identifies the premise.


All ESI IDs assigned for AEP Texas are 17 digits long

  • AEP Texas Central customers are assigned ESI IDs beginning with 1000288, followed by a unique 9-digit
  • AEP Texas North customers receive ESI IDs beginning with 1000078, followed by a unique 9-digit code

CenterPoint Energy ESID

CenterPoint Energy ESI IDs are 22 digits long, beginning with 10089, followed by a unique 17-digit code.

Texas-New Mexico Power ESID

Texas-New Mexico Power assigns 22-digit ESI IDs to its customers, which all begin with 10168, followed by a unique 17-digit code.

Sharyland Utilities ESID

Sharyland also assigns 22-digit ESI IDs to its customers. They begin with 10212 or 10213, followed by a unique 17-digit code.


Why Can't I Find My ESID Number?

If you are unable to locate your ESID number using our tool, it could be because your service location or meter is new and hasn't been set up yet. For new buildings or homes, the ESID number is assigned after the meter installation.

Alternatively, you may need to check with your Retail Electric Provider (REP) or check your electricity bill to find your ESID.

Why Is My ESID Shown as De-Energized?

If your ESID number appears as de-energized, it means that the associated electric service location is currently not receiving any electricity.

This could be due to several reasons such as disconnection for non-payment, a switch of energy providers, or it may indicate that the service location is vacant or not in use.

Why Isn't My Address Listed in the ESID Number Lookup Tool?

Our ESID lookup tool is designed to display active or de-energized ESID numbers only. If you're unable to find your address in the tool, it's possible that the associated ESID is inactive, meaning it has been permanently deactivated.

Inactive ESID numbers might not show up because they are no longer linked to an active electricity supply.

In these situations, the best course of action is to reach out to your electricity supplier or your Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) for further assistance. They can provide more information and guidance on the status of the ESID and the steps you can take if you need to reactivate the service or establish a new one.

What Happens When an ESI ID Becomes Inactive?

If an ESID becomes inactive, it implies that the electric service at the associated location has been discontinued.

This could happen for several reasons including, but not limited to, the property being vacant, the customer moving to a new service location, or the electric service being disconnected due to non-payment.

Can Two ESI IDs be the Same?

No, two ESI IDs cannot be the same. Each ESI ID is a unique identifier specific to a particular electric service location. Just like a social security number, each ESI ID is different to avoid confusion and ensure accurate tracking and billing of electric usage.

How Do I Know Which Electrical Utility Serves my Home?

The utility that serves your house is typically determined by the geographic location of your property. Use Ladybug Energy’s ESID lookup tool to find out which utility serves your address.