Complete Overview of AEP Texas North

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AEP Texas North Outage Map

Utilize the AEP Texas North outage map for real-time updates on power outages in your area. To report an outage, you can call 1-877-373-4858 or submit a report via their website.

For your safety during an outage, follow these guidelines:

  • Unplug electronics: Protect your devices from potential power surges once electricity is restored.
  • Avoid downed power lines: Stay at least 30 feet away and report them to the utility company.
  • Use flashlights instead of candles: This reduces the risk of fire hazards.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed: This helps to maintain the temperature and preserve your food for a longer time.

AEP Texas North Service Area Map

AEP Texas North serves a vast area in West Texas, including major cities such as Abilene, San Angelo, Childress, Fort Davis and McCamey. They deliver electricity to over 1.2 million residential and commercial customers throughout their service area.

Click on the dots representing the cities to learn more about deregulation in each city!

The city you are looking for is not on the map? Here you can find a list of all cities in Texas where electricity is deregulated.

Which Providers Are Available in the AEP Texas North Service Area?

What Types of Plans Are Available in the AEP Texas North Service Area?

Customers in the AEP Texas North service area can choose from various types of plans, such as:

  • Fixed-rate plans: Secure a stable electricity rate throughout the duration of your contract, which can last for 6 to 36 months, providing predictability in your energy expenses.
  • Variable-rate plans: Take advantage of changing rates based on market conditions with one-month contracts that adjust monthly, potentially leading to savings during periods of low demand.
  • Indexed plans: Benefit from rates linked to a specific market index, which may result in savings when the index value is low, offering a unique way to track electricity prices.
  • Prepaid plans: Purchase electricity in advance without the need for a deposit or credit check, making it an ideal option for those with low credit scores or temporary living situations.
  • Green energy plans: Contribute to the growth of renewable energy sources like wind and solar by opting for plans that incorporate a higher proportion of clean energy. Check the Electricity Fact Label (EFL) for each plan to verify the percentage of renewable energy sources used.

What is AEP Texas North Delivery Charges?

AEP Texas North delivery charges consist of a fixed charge of $4.79 per month and a variable charge of $0.045254 per kWh, based on your monthly electricity usage. These charges help AEP Texas North maintain and upgrade the electrical grid and infrastructure in their service area, ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply to consumers.

Delivery charges are billed through your retail electric provider (REP) but are set twice a year by AEP Texas North and the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). These charges appear as separate line items on your electric bill, in addition to your chosen REP's energy charge.