Chariot Energy Electricity Plans, Rates and FAQs

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Types of Rates Offered by Chariot Energy

  • Fixed Rate: Chariot Energy's fixed rate plans such as "EV Ride 24," "Free Nights 24," and "Blaze 24" ensure your electricity price remains constant throughout the term of your contract. These plans are ideal for households or businesses seeking budget stability against price fluctuations, except for specific conditions like changes in TDSP charges or regulatory actions.
  • Solar Energy Plans: With plans like "Blaze 24" and "Blaze 36," Chariot Energy offers 100% solar energy for a fixed rate over 24 and 36 months, respectively. These are perfect for eco-conscious consumers looking for renewable energy sources.
  • Free Night Plans: Chariot Energy also provides plans such as "EV Ride 24" and "Free Nights 24" where customers enjoy free electricity from 11 PM to 6 AM. These plans are suitable for those who can shift their high-usage activities to nighttime.
  • Solar Buyback Plan: The "Shine 12" plan allows customers with solar panels to earn money back for the energy they feed back into the grid, maximizing the use of their solar investment.

At the time of writing, we could not find any month-to-month or variable rate plans available from Chariot Energy.

Chariot Energy Electricity Plans

Please note that the following plan details and terms are subject to change. Always check Chariot Energy's website for the most current information.

EV Ride

The "EV Ride" plans come in 12 and 24-month terms, offering a fixed rate with the added perk of free electricity from 11 PM to 6 AM. These plans are ideal for electric vehicle owners or those who can shift their high-energy usage to night hours, providing cost-effective charging solutions.

Free Nights

Similar to the "EV Ride," the "Free Nights" plans are available in 12 and 24-month terms and feature free electricity during nighttime hours. These plans are perfect for customers who are active late at night or can adjust their major energy-consuming activities to these hours.


Chariot Energy's "Blaze" series, available in 6, 12, 24, and 36-month terms, stands out for its commitment to 100% solar energy. Offering a fixed rate, these plans cater to environmentally conscious consumers looking to support renewable energy sources.


The "Shine" plan, typically a 12-month term, includes a unique feature of net metering. This allows customers with solar panels to earn credits or compensation for any excess energy they generate and return to the grid. It's an excellent option for those who have invested in solar panels and want to maximize their energy efficiency and savings.


The "Rise" plan, with a term spanning from 12 to 36-month, offers similar net metering features as "Shine". This plan is suited for customers who appreciate the flexibility and long-term benefits of accumulating credits for future use, offering an innovative approach to managing electricity costs.

For more detailed information, please call customer service, or visit Chariot Energy's website directly.

About Chariot Energy Texas

Founded with a mission to transform the energy sector, Chariot Energy is a Retail Electric Provider based in Houston and operating within Texas, specializing in both standard and renewable electricity for commercial and residential customers. They stand out with their commitment to providing plans powered by solar energy as well as offering plans that benefit homes with solar panels.

The History of Chariot Energy

Chariot Energy emerged in the energy market with a focus on solar power, offering services that include the production of solar energy and supplying it to the grid. They emphasize a straightforward approach in their operations, providing clear plans without hidden fees. Their business model involves both the role of an energy provider and a wholesaler, which allows them to offer competitive rates and solar buyback

Where Does Chariot Energy Operate?

Chariot Energy services the Texas energy market, with a presence in cities like Galveston, Fort Worth, and Houston where they are based. They are part of the deregulated energy market in Texas, operating under utilities such as Oncor and TNMP, ensuring a wide reach within the state.

How Many Customers Does Chariot Energy Serve?

Chariot Energy, serving a wide array of customers in Texas, extends its services to nearly 200 counties throughout the state. The company's client base spans over tens of thousands of residential customers and several hundred commercial accounts, underscoring their notable footprint in the Texas energy landscape.

This REP operates by not just selling retail electricity but also procuring power through wholesale channels, which accounts for all of their electricity sourcing. In 2022, they reported a sale of over 400,000 MWh to end users, generating significant revenue entirely from these retail electricity sales.

What Differentiates Chariot Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

Chariot Energy differentiates itself through its strong focus on renewable energy solutions, customer-centric services, and transparent pricing. They are very notable for their solar energy plans and initiatives to promote sustainable energy use, as many of their plans intertwine with solar energy and offer features to households that have solar panels.

Additionally, they generate the energy they send to the grid themselves.

Chariot Energy for Businesses

Chariot Energy caters to the unique energy needs of businesses, offering tailored solutions and customizable plans on their website. This is standard practice amongst most energy providers in the country, as each business has particular needs.

Ladybug Energy is no exception — so if you're in the market for a commercial plan, please let us know!

Chariot Energy Reviews

Here are some reviews from Chariot Energy customers:

  • "Very easy sign up process! We were switched the very next day and look forward to our lower bill with Solar Energy use!"
  • "It was easy to see the plans available with pricing on the Chariot website. It was very easy to sign up and create an account on the cutsomer portal. Everything from Chariot looks good so far, I would definitely recommend in the future."
  • "The process is easy and fast to sign up but once a member, Chariot energy will give you 7 days to pay after your due date and if not paid on that 7th day they will cut your electricity off."

For more customer feedback, visit their Google Business Profile, featuring a stellar 4.4/5 ⭐ rating based on over 400 reviews: Chariot Energy on Google Business.

Chariot Energy Contact Information

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