BKV Energy Electricity Plans, Rates and FAQs

Looking for affordable, reliable, and green energy in Texas? Enter your zip code to find the best rates and plans offered by BKV Energy.

Type of Rates Offered by BKV Energy

BKV Energy caters to a variety of residential needs in Texas, offering a variety of fixed-rate plans that provide stability against market fluctuations. The BKV Energy options range from:

  • 12 to 36 month fixed-rate plans for budget predictability and flexibility to customers
  • Green plans featuring 100% renewable energy for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Unique "Sweet Spot" plans providing the most competitive electricity prices for specific contract lengths. Pro-Tip: These are the recommended plans if you want to secure the best current market rate/lenght ratio!

BKV Energy Electricity Plans

We always aim to keep our info up-to-date, but remember, energy companies can change their plans and terms without a heads-up. So, make sure to check out the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to get the low-down on each plan before you decide. Keep it simple and smart!

Bluebonnet 12

BKV Energy's Bluebonnet 12 is a popular 12-month fixed-rate plan. It provides stable pricing, allowing you to budget your energy costs predictably. Like all BKV Energy plans, it comes with a risk-free 30-day trial period.

Bluebonnet 24

The Bluebonnet 24 plan offers a 24-month fixed-rate contract, designed for those seeking long-term price stability. This plan is transparent, devoid of hidden charges, and comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Bluebonnet 36

For those desiring an extended contract, the Bluebonnet 36 offers a fixed rate for a whole three years. This plan ensures predictable energy costs and comes with the standard 30-day risk-free trial offered by BKV Energy.

Bluebonnet Sweet Spot

Experience the perfect balance between affordability and reliability with the Bluebonnet Sweet Spot plan. This 15-month fixed-rate plan provides a competitive price and a no-hassle 30-day trial with no cancellation fees.

Bluebonnet Green 12

Going green? The Bluebonnet Green 12 plan offers a 12-month fixed-rate plan fueled by 100% renewable energy sources.

Bluebonnet Green 24

Extend your commitment to the environment with the Bluebonnet Green 24 plan. Offering a 24-month fixed-rate contract for 100% renewable energy, this plan comes with BKV Energy's standard 30-day guarantee

Bluebonnet Green 36

The Bluebonnet Green 36 is the ultimate choice for those wanting long-term commitment to green energy. This plan ensures consistent green energy pricing for three years and comes with the usual 30-day risk-free trial.

Bluebonnet Green Sweet Spot

This unique plan offers the most competitive pricing for 100% renewable energy on a 15-month fixed-rate contract. Experience BKV Energy's commitment to transparency and the environment with this Sweet Spot plan.

About BKV Energy in Texas

Founded in 2022 by innovators wanting to empower Texans, BKV Energy has quickly established itself as a forward-thinking retail electricity provider committed to providing transparent and fair energy solutions.

It's a subsidiary of the BKV Corporation, known for its supply of natural gas and commitment to environmental sustainability.

BKV Energy History

In February 2023 BKV Energy finally entered the competitive Texas retail electric market offering a fresh approach to energy provision and a dozen customized energy plans to meet the needs of different types of users.

In just a few months, BKV has positioned itself as an innovative REP with strong customer growth and an exciting future ahead.

Where Does BKV Energy Operate?

BKV Energy operates throughout Texas in over 250 counties and serves all deregulated areas. This covers major cities like Dallas and Houston, as well as smaller ones like Tyler and Spring. Regions served by major Texas Utilities, like Oncor, are also included.

They are dedicated to empowering Texans with straightforward, easy-to-understand energy options.

How Many Customers Does BKV Energy Serve?

Although a relatively new entrant in the Texas energy market, BKV Energy has made a significant impact in a short period, serving a growing number of residential customers across the state.

What Differentiates BKV Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

BKV Energy shines through its commitment to simplicity and transparency. Unlike many providers with complex pricing structures, BKV Energy provides clear, straightforward rates, making it easy for customers to predict their electricity expenses.

Additionally, their 30-day risk-free trial for new customers is a testament to their customer-centric approach, reflecting the confidence they have in their service quality.

BKV Energy for Businesses

At this time, BKV Energy only serves residential customers and does not have dedicated plans for commercial premises.

If you are looking for commercial rates, check out our electricity providers page to find the REP that fits your needs.

BKV Energy Reviews

We believe that customer reviews are essential for anyone considering a new electricity provider. They provide real-world insights into the experiences of others with the same provider.

Here are some reviews for BKV Energy, taken from their Google Profile which has a current rating of 5/5:

  • "This company is fair and honest with their pricing. With BKV Energy, you know exactly what you're getting. Highly recommended!"

  • "Their website is informative, and the signup process is seamless. Excellent customer service!"

  • "Appreciate their transparent rates and outstanding service. I saved over $200 a month switching from my previous provider."

BKV Energy Contact Information

(855) 258-4797

BKV Energy

P.O. Box P.O. Box 660842 Dallas, TX, 75366-0842

BKV Energy

1209 Co Rd 1304, Bridgeport, TX 76426