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The Power To Choose: Understanding Texas' Electric Providers

In the vibrant energy market of Texas, electric deregulation has paved the way for consumer choice by introducing an array of Retail Electric Providers (REPs). A REP, or Retail Electric Provider, is basically a company that sells electricity to customers. This competitive marketplace is intended to drive down prices and stimulate innovation in service.

REPs purchase electricity from power generators, package it into various plans and sell these to consumers. They also manage customer service, billing, and other customer-facing tasks. There are significant differences between different REPs: some electric companies in Texas specialize in prepaid electricity, others in fixed rates, others in month-to-month plans, others in green energy, others in commercial electricity plans, and more.

Remember, while REPs offer various electricity plans and rates to customers, electric utilities (also known as TDUs or TDSPs) handle the transmission and distribution of electricity and remain regulated.

As customers can switch REPs and not TDUs, understanding the distinct offerings of each REP is crucial. In this guide, we will provide more in-depth information on the top electric energy providers in Texas, their roles in the market, and how their services can benefit millions of Texans... and most importantly you!

Payless Power

Payless Power logo
Payless Power is a family-owned and operated REP founded in 2005. They offer affordable, prepaid electricity plans like "Rate Lock 6" and "Rate Lock 12" to Texas residents.

Payless Power provides daily usage notifications, flexible payment options, and doesn't require a deposit or credit check. Their focus on accessibility allows Texans to manage their electricity expenses with ease and offering same day service.

Energy Texas

Energy Texas logo
Energy Texas is known for its competitive rates, friendly customer service, and customizable energy plans. They offer several options, including fixed-rate, variable-rate, and green energy plans.

Energy Texas was founded in Houston in 2020 and strives to empower Texans to take control of their energy consumption by providing plans designed to fit various needs and lifestyles, such as their "Come & Take It 12" and "36 Inflation Fix" plans.

BKV Energy

BKV Energy logo
BKV Energy entered the market in 2023 and is one of the newest electrical providers in Texas, committed to delivering innovative energy solutions and exceptional customer service. They offer a variety of flexible energy plans, including 100% renewable energy options such as the "Bluebonnet Green" series of plans.

BKV Energy also provides energy management tools and resources to help customers monitor and reduce their energy consumption.

Pulse Power

Pulse Power logo
Pulse Power is a Texas-owned retail electric provider established in 2018 that prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering straightforward pricing, transparent billing, and responsive customer support.

They provide a range of energy plans, such as "Texas Fixed", with contract lengths from 12 to 36 months. Pulse Power aims to offer Texans energy solutions that best suit their unique requirements.

Texpo Energy

Texpo Energy logo
Texpo Energy is a leading REP that offers competitive electricity rates and exceptional customer service to Texas residents. Founded in 2006, Texpo Energy is located in The Woodlands and is dedicated to helping customers find the right energy plan through options such as "Saving Classics" in 12-, 24- and 36-month contract lengths.

Texpo Energy also provides online tools, such as energy usage tracking and bill forecasting, to help customers better manage their energy consumption.

Summer Energy

Summer Energy logo
Summer Energy is a Houston-based retail electric provider founded in 2011 that offers reliable, affordable and customizable energy solutions to both residential and commercial customers in Texas. Their commitment to delivering excellent customer service and competitive rates has made them a popular choice among Texans.

Summer Energy offers a variety of plans, including "Simply Summer Saver," "Summer Flex," and "Summer Green," allowing customers to select options that best fit their needs.

Rhythm Energy

Rhythm Energy logo
Rhythm Energy is a Houston-based renewable energy provider committed to accelerating the transition to green energy. Launched in 2021, Rhythm has rapidly grown through customer-focused innovations, strategic partnerships, and acquisitions. They offer 100% renewable energy solutions, such as the "Simply Secure 24" plan that includes a fixed rate energy plan and a complimentary home security system from SimpliSafe.

Rhythm Energy ensures customers' security by offering deposit waivers based on credit check and certain conditions. They continue to lead the residential electricity sector towards a net-zero emissions future, demonstrating their strong commitment to clean energy.

CleanSky Energy

CleanSky Energy logo
CleanSky Energy is a trailblazer in the energy sector, providing affordable, 100% renewable energy to customers across the United States. Founded with a vision to make green energy accessible to all, CleanSky Energy offers fully transparent energy plans backed by solar or wind sources.

CleanSky Energy, while operating in multiple states, maintains its core focus on the customer. The company believes in empowering people to make a difference, by offering them a simple way to switch to clean energy. As part of its commitment to transparency, CleanSky Energy verifies its renewable energy sources through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy, a subsidiary of NRG Energy Inc., is a power provider in Texas known for its competitive rates and diverse energy solutions with more than two decades in the market. Offering both tfixed and variable rates plans, Cirro Energy focuses on providing reliable services tailored to customer needs.

With options for same-day service, flexible move-in dates, plans with reduced night rates and an exclusive app where you can track your usage, Cirro is attentive to the unique requirements of its clientele. Transparency is also a key part of their approach, especially concerning potential deposits and their policies around moving.

Discount Power

Discount Power is a Texas-based retail electric provider with a reputation for offering some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Acquired by NRG Energy in 2018, Discount Power has become a favorite among Texans who prioritize cost-effective electricity without unnecessary frills.

Focusing on straightforward, affordable energy solutions, Discount Power provides plans like "Wise Buy Monthly," "Wise Buy 12," and "Discount Nights 12." These options are designed to cater to the essentials, providing reliable energy at a great value. With an emphasis on no hidden fees or surprise charges, and a commitment to honest, customer-centric service, Discount Power has positioned itself as a go-to provider for those seeking simplicity and savings in their energy choices.

Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy has made a mark as a trailblazer in the renewable energy arena. Starting as a modest retailer in Vermont, the company has flourished to become the longest-serving renewable energy retailer in the U.S. With a firm commitment to 100% renewable energy, they offer a variety of plans powered by wind and solar energy.

Customers can opt for fixed-rate plans ensuring a green energy supply. The Sun Club program by Green Mountain Energy further extends an opportunity for customers to contribute towards solar installations in non-profits, promoting community and environmental wellbeing.

Direct Energy

Direct Energy stands as one of North America's largest competitive energy suppliers, extending its services across 50 U.S. states, 8 Canadian provinces, and the District of Columbia, covering electricity, natural gas, and related services. With nearly 4 million customer relationships, the extensive reach and reliability of Direct Energy are evident.

Their plan options are varied, offering fixed and variable rates, along with prepaid plans to accommodate different financial situations. Moreover, Direct Energy provides home services aimed at aiding customers in managing their energy usage effectively and bringing down their energy costs. Through a wide range of services and plan types, Direct Energy adopts a holistic approach to fulfill energy needs.

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