CleanSky Energy Rates, Electricity Plans and FAQs

Harness the power of renewable energy at an affordable rate with CleanSky Energy. Simply enter your zip code to discover the best rates and plans for you!

Types of Rates Offered by CleanSky Energy

CleanSky Energy proudly offers a diverse selection of rate options tailored to meet your unique energy requirements:

  • Fixed Rate: Enjoy the stability of a constant electricity rate, irrespective of market fluctuations. It's an ideal choice for budget-conscious individuals who desire predictability in their monthly energy bills.
  • Green Plans: With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, CleanSky Energy offers Green Plans for those determined to reduce their carbon footprint. These plans source electricity from renewable energy resources, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Solar Powered Plans: Capture the abundant power of the sun with Solar Powered Plans. Ideal for customers who desire a clean, renewable source of energy, these plans contribute towards a greener future.
  • Wind Powered Plans: Experience the efficiency of wind energy through CleanSky's Wind Powered Plans. Perfect for eco-conscious consumers, these plans leverage Texas's plentiful wind energy, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.

CleanSky Energy Electricity Plans

We always strive to provide up-to-date information. However, please note that REPs can change their plans and conditions without prior notice. Always check the conditions of each plan in their EFL.

Affordable Wind 12

Embrace the power of wind with the Affordable Wind 12 plan. With a fixed rate for 12 months, this plan is perfect for those who prefer stability in their energy costs. Leveraging Texas's abundant wind resources, it's an eco-friendly choice for energy consumption.

Embrace Green 6

For those interested in short-term commitment, the Embrace Green 6 plan offers a fixed rate for six months. It leverages renewable energy resources, making it an excellent choice for consumers seeking to lessen their environmental impact.

Embrace Green 12

The Embrace Green 12 plan offers a fixed rate for one year, sourcing power from renewable resources. Ideal for customers desiring a blend of stability and sustainability, it's a testament to CleanSky's commitment to a cleaner future.

Embrace Green 24

For the long-term eco-conscious consumer, the Embrace Green 24 plan offers a fixed rate for two years. With a longer commitment to renewable energy, customers can consistently contribute to a greener environment.

Ultra Clean Solar 24

Harness the power of the sun with the Ultra Clean Solar 24 plan. Offering a fixed rate for two years, it's an ideal choice for those committed to renewable energy and long-term price stability.

What Is CleanSky Energy?

CleanSky Energy is a Houston-based Retail Electric Provider (REP) and carbon-neutral natural gas provider with a primary mission of bringing clean, affordable energy to all. By supplying power from 100% renewable sources such as solar or wind, CleanSky Energy is reshaping the energy sector with fully transparent plans and honest rates.

CleanSky Energy History

Founded in 2004 with a commitment to revolutionize the energy sector, CleanSky has established a strong reputation since its foundation in 2004. Throughout the years, it has based its service on four core values: 100% renewable energy, affordable pricing, transparency, and a focus on the customer. The goal was not only to bring clean energy to everyone, but also to challenge the prevailing notion that green energy is expensive.

In almost twenty years of existence, the company has expanded into new markets and a dozen states.

Where Does CleanSky Energy Operate?

CleanSky Energy operates across the state of Texas, providing its diverse selection of energy plans to a broad customer base. Whether you're in the bustling city of Houston or the vibrant metropolis of Dallas, CleanSky Energy has options for you. Moreover, they provide services in areas serviced by major utilities such as Oncor and CenterPoint Energy.

CleanSky Energy Also serves residential customers across other nine states in the U.S. including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware, and New Hampshire. Despite this broad footprint, the company continues to remain dedicated to its mission of offering affordable and clean energy.

How Many Customers Does CleanSky Energy Serve?

CleanSky Energy boasts a robust clientele, including both residential and commercial customers. Their commitment to sustainability, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service continues to attract a growing number of Texans seeking reliable and renewable energy solutions.

What Differentiates CleanSky Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

CleanSky Energy stands out for its commitment to renewable energy, affordable pricing, and diverse plan options. Their customer-oriented approach, coupled with their dedication to sustainability, sets them apart in a crowded energy market.

Whether you're seeking short-term plans, fixed rates, or a focus on renewable resources, CleanSky Energy has a plan tailored for you.

CleanSky Energy for Businesses

In addition to residential services, CleanSky Energy also caters to the needs of businesses. They understand that commercial energy needs are unique and often fluctuate. Therefore, they offer a range of flexible, cost-effective business plans that can help companies meet their energy requirements while contributing to a greener future.

The switch to CleanSky Energy is seamless with no interruption in service, and no additional equipment is required.

CleanSky Energy Reviews

At LadybugEnergy we recognize the significance of customer reviews when selecting a new electricity provider. These reviews provide insights into the real-life experiences of customers.

Here are some reviews for CleanSky Energy:

  • "Amazing customer service! They helped lower my monthly bill by SO MUCH. And set up was super easy. My services started immediately and I couldn't be happier. I thought I was getting a good rate before but CleanSky Energy was able to beat even that rate! Highly recommend!!"

  • "Today I had called in to cancel my service however, JoeL who assisted me on the call, gave me not only a wonderful new rate, but she gave me a wonderful customer service. She was patient. She was informative and knowledgeable... thank you clean sky energy for your wonderful staff."

  • "I signed up with CleanSkyEnergy some time ago and I failed to review my electric bill over the passed 6 months. I checked it the other day and noticed it was over $100 more than this time last year... I called CleanSkyEnergy and within minutes I am back at a reasonable supply cost. They’re customer friendly and offer great rates but be sure to review your bill monthly to avoid wasting money."

If you want to look for more reviews you can do so on CleanSkyEnergy's Google Business Profile or visit their Yelp page.

CleanSky Energy Contact Information

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