Complete Overview of Oncor Utility

Learn everything about Oncor, Texas' biggest electric utility, and check the available plans at your area by entering your zip code

Oncor Outage Map

The Oncor outage map provides real-time information on power outages within the Oncor service area. You can access the map here. If you experience a power outage, you can report it through the following methods:

  • Call Oncor's 24/7 outage hotline at 1-888-313-4747.
  • Text 'OUT' to 66267 after registering your mobile number with Oncor.
  • Report the outage online here.

In case of an outage, ensure the safety of your household or workplace by turning off and unplugging appliances, staying away from downed power lines, and using flashlights instead of candles.

Oncor Service Area Map

Oncor utility serves a vast area in Texas, covering approximately 134,000 square miles. Their service area includes major cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Midland, Carrollton, Odessa, Sherman, and more. Oncor delivers electricity to over 10 million residential and commercial customers, making it the largest electric utility in the state.

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For a list of all the cities where you can choose your electricity supplier, visit our page dedicated to electricity deregulation in Texas.

Which Providers Are Available in the Oncor Service Area?

Several retail electric providers (REPs) operate within Oncor's service area, offering customers a variety of plans and rates to choose from. Some popular providers include:

What Types of Plans Are Available in the Oncor Service Area?

In Oncor's service area, customers can choose from various types of plans to meet their energy needs, such as:

  • Fixed-rate plans: Lock in a stable electricity rate for the duration of the contract, usually 12, 24, or 36 months.
  • Variable-rate plans: Rates may change monthly based on market conditions, allowing for potential savings during low-demand periods.
  • Indexed plans: Rates are tied to a specific market index, providing potential savings when the index is low.
  • Prepaid plans: Pay for electricity in advance, with no deposit or credit check required.
  • Green energy plans: Support renewable energy sources like wind and solar by opting for plans with a higher percentage of renewables.

Oncor Delivery Charges

Oncor utility currently charges a monthly fee of $4.23 and a per kWh fee of $0.045403 for electricity delivery. These charges, updated two times an year, cover the costs associated with maintaining and upgrading the transmission and distribution infrastructure, such as power lines and substations.

The delivery charge is a fixed monthly fee, while the per kWh charge varies based on your electricity consumption. These charges appear as separate line items on your electric bill, in addition to your chosen REP's energy charge.

Oncor ESID Lookup Tool

Need help finding your Oncor Electric Service Identifier (ESID) number? Ladybug Energy makes it simple to find all the details from your ESID, including the premis type, status and more, by just entering your address. Use our free ESID lookup tool for a seamless approach to managing your electricity account.