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Shopping for Electricity: How To Compare Electricity Rates in Arlington, TX

Remember the days when finding the best electricity rates felt like a scavenger hunt? It involved scanning multiple websites, jotting down details, making numerous calls, and trying to sort through confusing details. With Ladybug Energy, these arduous tasks are a thing of the past!

Our search engine simplifies the process, offering an easier, more convenient way to compare electricity rates in Arlington, TX.

Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX

Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX

What Is the Average Electric Bill in Arlington?

In Arlington, the average electric bill varies based on home size, lifestyle, and energy usage.

For a small apartment, you could expect to pay around $70 a month, while a small house may hover around $100. Larger houses might see an average bill of about $150-$200 or more.

These figures can significantly differ if you live alone or have a large family, as more people typically mean higher consumption. Different types of energy plans can cater to these varied needs, which is why is important to compare plans to find one that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Electric Companies: Arlington, TX

Electricity providers in Arlington, TX, offer residents an array of choices. While there are dozens of REPs available, here are five of the top electric companies:

Arlington Electrical Services

Fixed Rate Electricity: Arlington, TX

Fixed-rate plans offer stability in your electricity rates, locking in a set price per kilowatt-hour for the contract's duration. This means your rate won't be affected by market price fluctuations.

This can be especially beneficial for Arlington residents during Texas's hot summers when electricity demand often spikes.

Prepaid Electricity: Arlington

Prepaid plans allow you to pay for your electricity upfront, with no deposit or credit check required. This can provide flexibility and control over your energy usage and costs, making it an attractive option for many Arlington customers.

If you want to find more about this kind of plans, check our full guide about prepaid electricity rates!

Month-to-Month Electricity: Arlington, TX

These plans offer flexibility as they don't require a long-term contract. You can switch or cancel your plan at any time without incurring a penalty. This could be an excellent option for those living in Arlington temporarily or those who prefer not to commit to a long-term contract.

No-Deposit Electricity: Arlington, TX

For those who may struggle with credit checks or cannot afford a deposit, no-deposit electricity plans offer a valuable solution. Arlington residents can access electricity without the need for a hefty upfront deposit.

Free Nights Electricity: Arlington, TX

Free nights plans offer the opportunity to save money by shifting high energy-consuming activities to the evening hours when electricity is free. A good option for Arlington residents who are typically home in the evenings and can thus make full use of this benefit.

Free Weekends Electricity: Arlington, TX

Just as it sounds, free weekends plans offer free electricity usage during the weekend. For families that are out and about during weekdays but stay home on weekends, this can be a substantial saving opportunity.

Renewable Electricity: Arlington, TX

Renewable energy plans are becoming increasingly popular in the US! They allow residents to power their homes with electricity sourced from renewable resources like wind or solar power, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. If you care about protecting the planet, this is a great option for you!

Commercial Electrical Services: Arlington, TX

Several electricity providers offer specialized services for commercial customers in Arlington, TX. Commercial electricity plans typically offer more flexibility and are designed to accommodate the higher energy usage associated with running a business.

Electricity Rate History in Arlington

Over the years, electricity rates in Arlington have seen both increases and decreases, reflecting fluctuations in the energy market.

The deregulation of the Texas electricity market in 2002 provided the residents of Arlington with the power to choose their electricity providers, introducing competition and leading to more affordable rates.

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