Texpo Energy Rates, Electricity Plans and FAQs

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Type of Rates Offered by Texpo Energy

  • Fixed-Rate: with these plans, your base energy price is locked in for the duration of your contract, offering consistent billing, except for regulatory changes. This stability brings multiple benefits such as enhanced budget predictability, protection from potential spikes in the energy market, and the ability to plan your energy usage without concerns about varying rates.

Texpo Energy Electricity Plans

Always striving for accuracy, we remind our readers that Retail Electric Providers can modify their plans and terms without prior notice, so always check the Electricity Facts Label of each plan for the most current details.

Savings Classic 12 months

The Savings Classic 12-month plan offers a stable, fixed rate for a full year, ideal for those seeking cost predictability. This plan is an excellent choice for small homes or apartments with moderate energy consumption and includes 25% renewable energy.

Savings Classic 24 months

With the Savings Classic 24-month plan, enjoy two years of price stability. Perfect for homeowners or long-term renters who want to avoid the hassle of annual plan renewal. In case you want to terminate the contract early, there is a cancellation fee of $175.

Savings Classic 36 months

The Savings Classic 36 months plan is perfect for long-term residents and homeowners looking to lock in a low fixed rate for an extended period of time. With this plan, you're shielded from the volatility of the energy market for three years, making your monthly energy bills more predictable.

Furthermore, you get the peace of mind knowing that your energy costs are secure for the next three years, regardless of market fluctuations. The early cancellation fee for this plan is also $175.

About Texpo Energy

Texpo Energy is a Retail Electric Provider (REP) that serves both residential and commercial customers within the state of Texas. Founded by seasoned energy executives, Texpo Energy brings to the table a wealth of experience, having worked in deregulated markets all over North America.

The company's primary focus is on providing competitive rates and exceptional customer service.

Texpo Energy History

Established by energy experts with more than 150 years of combined experience in the electricity, natural gas, and related industries, Texpo Energy has been serving the Texas market since the inception of deregulation in 2002. Their vast experience is what sets Texpo apart from the competition, allowing them to provide superior products, competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Where Does Texpo Energy Operate?

Texpo Energy operates across Texas, working with several transmission/distribution service providers (TDSPs) like Oncor, AEP Texas North, AEP Texas Central, and Texas New Mexico Power.

Among the many cities it operates in are Houston, San Angelo, Dallas, and Mesquite, serving customers in both urban and rural areas of these cities.

How Many Customers Does Texpo Energy Serve?

The exact numbers are not publicly available, but Texpo Energy serves a significant number of both residential and commercial customers within the state of Texas. Their focus on competitive rates and exceptional customer service has led to a steadily growing customer base over the years.

What Differentiates Texpo Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

One of the key differentiators of Texpo Energy is their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The company maintains an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau and was awarded the BBB Gold Star. Moreover, Texpo Energy's multi-lingual and knowledgeable customer service team is goal-oriented and constantly strives for improved performance based on customer feedback.

Texpo Energy for Businesses

Recognizing that no two commercial customers are the same, Texpo Energy offers customized pricing plans built specifically around the needs of each business. Their deep understanding of usage patterns and length of use enables them to tailor plans that truly meet the unique requirements of each of their commercial clients.

Texpo Energy Reviews

While the most reliable reviews are the ones directly from the customers, here are some reviews that give an idea about the company's service:

  • "Great company, low price. I'm very happy to be a customer with them since 2015. After I switched to Texpo, I save about $50-80 per month. My bill was easily exceeding $300 during summer before I switch to them, now it's never close to it."
  • "We have been with Tepco for a little over 6 months including the period of the deep freeze and power outages. Our service with Tepco, on a Fixed price contract, has been excellent."
  • "Been a business customer for well over 5+ years. Unfortunately even though we have not had a problem with the service itself, if they do not receive your payment by the due date they disconnect your service. There's no grace period, not even a day."

Visit their Google Business profile (rated 2.6/5) or their Yelp page to find more customer reviews.

Texpo Energy Contact Information

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