Rhythm Energy Electricity Plans and Rates and FAQs

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Types of Rates Offered by Rhythm Energy

Rhythm Energy offers a broad range of rate plans to fit every need:

  • Fixed Rates: These plans lock in your electricity rate for a term of 12 to 36 months, giving you protection from market volatility.
  • Variable Rate Plans: Also known as month-to-month plans, these plans allow you flexibility, as the rates can change based on the wholesale electricity market.
  • Green Plans: Rhythm Energy is committed to sustainability. All their plans are green, and they offer both wind and solar specific plans.
  • Solar Buyback Plans: These innovative plans allow solar panel owners to sell excess generated power back to the grid, leading to more savings.
  • Secure Plans: Rhythm offers packages that include SimplySafe Home Security Systems, combining energy and safety solutions.
  • EV Plans: Special plans cater to Electric Vehicle owners, which offers customers complimentary charging from EVgo.

Rhythm Energy Electricity Plans

Rhythm Energy continually updates their plans and rates. While we strive to keep this information up to date, it's always best to check the EFL of each plan directly from the REP's website.

Texas Solar Buyback 12

Ideal for solar panel owners, the Texas Solar Buyback 12 plan allows you to sell excess energy generated back to the grid. It's a 12-month plan that helps you save more while contributing to the renewable energy ecosystem.

Two Months Free 24

This plan offers two months of free electricity during the term of your 24-month contract. It's ideal for consumers who value long-term price stability and additional savings.

Simply Secure 24

Simply Secure 24 is a two-year plan that comes with a SimplySafe Home Security System, offering peace of mind both in terms of stable electricity rates and home safety.

Texas Shine 12

Texas Shine 12 is a one-year plan powered by renewable energy, perfect for consumers seeking a green and sustainable option for their electricity needs.

Texas Shine 24

Similar to the Texas Shine 12, this is a two-year renewable energy plan. It offers price stability and allows consumers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Simply Green

Simply Green is a renewable energy plan ideal for those who wish to minimize their environmental impact while enjoying stable electricity rates.

Simple Green Flex

This is a month-to-month renewable energy plan, offering the ultimate flexibility for customers who do not want to commit to a long-term contract. The rate is variable, so it will change along time.

Texas Breeze 12

This is a wind energy plan for a 12-month term. With Texas Breeze 12, customers can support wind energy projects while securing a stable rate for their electricity.

Texas Breeze 36

A longer-term version of the Texas Breeze 12, this plan offers three years of wind-powered electricity at a fixed rate.

Chapman Ranch 12

The Chapman Ranch 12 Plan by Rhythm Energy provides customers an opportunity to contribute directly to local energy generation and promote the construction of more wind farms like Chapman, located seven miles south of Corpus Christi in Texas. This 12-month plan ensures a fixed energy rate, perfect for those who want a shorter commitment. The plan is designed to not only cater to your energy needs but also to support Texas' economy and the environment.

Chapman Ranch 24

This plan extends the benefits of local energy generation support over a 24-month period. By choosing this plan, you're directly investing in Chapman. This plan is ideal for those looking for long-term price stability, direct involvement in supporting local economy and sustainability efforts.

Simply Drive

Simply Drive is another innovative plan from Rhythm Energy. It is uniquely designed for electric vehicle owners. It offers consumers $100 in complimentary charging from EVgo. The Simply Drive plan is ideal for individuals who are looking to maximize their cost savings while driving electric vehicles.

About Rhythm Energy

Rhythm Energy is a retail electric provider (REP) based in Texas, providing residential customers with a variety of electricity plans. They are committed to sustainability, offering plans that derive energy from renewable sources. Rhythm Energy prides itself on offering fair, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service.

Rhythm Energy History

Rhythm Energy, a progressive renewable energy provider situated in Houston, was founded in 2020 and commenced a significant growth phase in March 2021. This was achieved by acquiring the customer base of Entrust Energy Inc. and Power of Texas Holdings, Inc. In this acquisition, approximately 50,000 customers were integrated into the Rhythm Energy family, furthering the company's reach and impact within Texas.

The innovation continued into June 2022, when Rhythm introduced the Simply Secure 24 plan. This plan, developed in partnership with SimpliSafe, offered Texans a comprehensive home security system along with a fixed-rate energy plan. Rhythm's commitment to customer-centric renewable energy solutions earned them the title of Retail Energy Provider of the Year at the 2023 Energy Marketing Conference. Collaborating with ENGIE Energy Marketing NA, Inc., Rhythm is set to further enhance its mission of providing 100% renewable energy solutions across the nation.

Where Does Rhythm Energy Operate?

Rhythm Energy provides service across Texas, including major cities such as Houston and Arlington, and smaller municipalities such as Carrollton and Sherman. It operates within the utility service areas of several major utilities including Oncor, AEP Texas North, and Centerpoint Energy, among others.

How Many Customers Does Rhythm Energy Have?

Rhythm Energy serves thousands of residential and commercial customers across Texas, reflecting its reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

What Differentiates Rhythm Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

Rhythm Energy stands out from other REPs with its commitment to simplicity, transparency, and sustainability. They offer a variety of plans, including options for renewable energy and special plans for electric vehicle owners. Customers appreciate their transparent pricing, user-friendly online platform, and excellent customer service.

Rhythm Energy for Businesses

For the time being, Rhythm Energy does not serve commercial customers, focusing its business on the residential sector. In our list of providers you will find more companies that offer customized plans for businesses of all types and sizes.

Rhythm Energy Reviews

Rhythm Energy's commitment to customer service and affordable rates is reflected in their reviews. Here are a few:

  • "Has been about 3 months since I joined Rhythm. I would say it was a good decision. My no frills Rhythm plan, Simply Choose 6, is low cost and gives peace of mind. The customer service is good too."
  • "Easy pay and a daily reminder of how much you use so you have a running tally of your money left. Love this system!"
  • "Pretty easy, no-frills electric provider. It was easy to sign up for and relatively cheap."
  • "I’m a new customer been with Rhythm 3 months...My bill have been high compared to my other electric provider... It’s only end of May bill and it’s extremely high."

For more customer reviews, visit their Google Business Profile which has over 2000 reviews and an average rating of 4.7/5 ⭐. Rhythm Energy is also on Yelp.

Rhythm Energy Contact Information


Rhythm Energy

P.O. Box 735903, Dallas, TX 75373

Rhythm Energy

24 Greenway Plaza Suite 610, Houston, TX 77046