Pulse Power Electricity Plans and Rates and FAQs

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Type of Rates Offered by Pulse Power

  • Fixed-Rate: With a fixed-rate plan, Pulse Power sets a rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of power used. This rate will not vary during the lifespan of the contract/plan, giving you additional certainty about your energy expenditures.
  • Variable Rate: With a variable-rate plans, prices would fluctuate due to a number of factors and such fluctuations might not be communicated beforehand. Here, your monthly payment will fluctuate based on wholesale energy rates.
  • Indexed Rate: With an indexed rate, your electricity bills would change from month to month. If you have an indexed-rate plan, your rate is decided by an energy commodities index (rather than the wholesale price).

Pulse Power electricity plans

Clear Flex plan

The Clear Flex plan offers the flexibility of a month-to-month contract with no cancellation costs. You get to enjoy the freedom of not having to sign a contract or pay a cancellation fee.

Secure Advantage 24 plan

A simple plan that is ideal for consumers who have a medium to high level of use, with price increase protection guarantee for the duration of the contract. Also, when you utilize at least 800 kWh, you’ll get a discount.

Home Advantage 24 plan

With the home advantage 24 plan, you get protected from price increase for the duration of your contract, and you also have nothing to worry about should you use “too much” or “too little” electricity. This plan also offers a free Nest Hub Max (worth $229) with a 10-inch HD screen, powerful stereo speakers, and a built-in Nest Cam as an incentive.

Truly Free Flex Days 12 plan

With a flexible power plan that suits whatever life throws at you, you can save money when you use electricity the most. Every week, you’ll get two free days based on your greatest consumption, up to a total of eight free days per month. At no additional expense to you, enjoy the benefits of simple and economical solar energy without the need for rooftop panels.

Truly Free Nights 12 plan

With the Truly Free Nights 12 plan, you get zero energy and delivery costs, which means, from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m., there is no charge for electricity; and for the duration of your contract, your daytime rate remains fixed and locked in.

This is the very best available plan for running a pool pump, charging an electric vehicle at night, or utilizing power-hungry appliances or electronics. Lastly, at no additional expense to you, you get to enjoy the benefits of simple and economical solar energy without the need for rooftop panels.

Truly Free Weekends 12 plan

Enjoy a relaxing weekend of binge-watching, entertaining, and catching up on laundry while saving money on your electricity bill with the truly free weekends 12 plan which is perfect for your heaviest weekend electricity usage; and for the duration of your contract, your weekdays rate remains fixed and locked in. Lastly, at no additional expense to you, you get to enjoy the benefits of simple and economical solar energy without the need for rooftop panels.

About Pulse Power

Founded in 2008 in Austin, Pulse Power has become a trusted electricity provider in Texas. The company is dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions to Texas residents and businesses. Pulse Power's goal is to simplify the energy experience for their customers. The company offers a variety of plans, including fixed rate plans, green energy options, and custom plans.

Pulse Power's most popular plan is their Power Select, which offers a low, fixed rate and the option to choose 100% renewable energy. Consumers choose Pulse Power for their innovative approach to energy and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Where Does Pulse Power Operate?

Pulse Power can be found operating in most major cities in Texas, including several smaller deregulated towns, such as Conroe, Pasadena, Denton and Lewisville, amongst many others. Regions served by major TDUs, like Centerpoint, are also included.

Pulse Power Reviews

Using the reviews on TrustPilot as the basis for an overall assessment of Pulse Power, it is safe to say the firm’s online accessibility, satisfaction guarantee, and business history all received flawless scores.

Pulse Power Top Tips

Ensure you opt-in for the simple set-up option

The simple set-up offers the very best convenience of a simple supplier setup as Pulse Power will help set up the service with your utility service provider and your electricity wouldn’t be interrupted during the transfer.

Read up the Electricity Facts Label on your plan

This label holds vital information such as renewable energy sourcing utilization percentage, price per kilowatt-hour, fees for early termination.

Ensuring to understand your electric bill is essential

TDSP charges appear on your monthly account as utility rates. They are unaffected by your supplier’s price. Should your monthly electric cost excessively high, there are a variety of options for lowering your electric bill. First, understand how to determine the cost of energy for the items you use; then check out for advice on how to make better use of your appliances, HVAC system, lighting, and other household items.

Ensure to manually reduce your electricity cost with power-saving gadgets

You can reduce your energy use by doing larger loads of laundry in cold water. Similarly, you can replace your refrigerator with one that is ENERGY STAR certified, as well as replace your light bulbs with energy-saving LEDs.

How to switch to Pulse Power?

Use the Ladybug Energy search engine with your zip code to find all available providers and plans in your area. Then, filter the results so that only Pulse Power plans are displayed. Once you have found the ideal plan for you, simply select it and follow the steps to complete the sign-up procedure in minutes. Unless you have a scheduled date, the transition can take about a few days to two weeks to complete.

Once your service with Pulse Power begins, you’d get an email. This switch might attract additional charges. For a new location, you can expect service to begin within two business days of signing up. If you’re switching from another provider, your service will start two weeks after you sign up with Pulse. Getting on board with Pulse Power might require to meet certain conditions, such as paying a deposit or producing proper identification, and that failure to meet these requirements may cause your start date to be delayed.

Pulse Power Contact Information

(833) 785-7797

Pulse Power

P.O. Box 734377, Dallas, TX 75373

Pulse Power

10200 Grogans Mill, Suite 150, The Woodlands, TX 77380