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Types of Rates Offered by Direct Energy

  • Fixed Rate: Best suited for those seeking stability in their monthly expenses, this rate type locks in your energy rate for the term of your contract, regardless of market fluctuations.
  • Free Energy: Recommended for savvy energy consumers, this kind plans offers certain periods of free electricity during nights and weekends.
  • Month to Month: Ideal for those seeking flexibility, this rate type allows you to pay for electricity on a monthly basis without a long-term contract.
  • Green Energy: Perfect for environmentally-conscious consumers, this plan sources energy from renewable resources, thus reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Stable Bill Rates: These are perfect for budget-conscious customers as they provide a consistent monthly electricity bill. Every month you will pay a similar amount, no matter the time of the year.
  • Amazon Prime Rates: Ideal plans for those who want to get, along with their electricity plan, a subscription at no extra charge to enjoy Amazon Prime services for the entire duration of the contract.

Direct Energy Electricity Plans

Information about Direct Energy plans is subject to change as the REP may alter plans or their conditions without prior notice. Please always check the conditions of each plan in their EFL.

Twelve Hour Power On Us 24

The Twelve Hour Power On Us 24 plan is a great fit for individuals who use electricity predominantly at night. Enjoy 24 months of electricity with a stable rate, and take advantage of free electricity every night from 9 p.m. to 8:59 a.m. Along with contributing to renewable energy initiatives, customers will receive an Amazon Prime membership for the contract's duration.

Bright Choice

Bright Choice offers a simple and affordable electricity option with a 24-month contract. With the opportunity to lock in a competitive fixed rate, customers also get an Amazon Prime membership and support renewable energy initiatives. This plan combines the security of a fixed rate with the flexibility of month-to-month billing.

Live Brighter On Us 24

For those who value a stable monthly electric bill, the Live Brighter On Us 24 plan provides a fixed rate for 24 months. This plan also includes an Amazon Prime membership and supports renewable energy projects. With consistent pricing and added benefits, it's an appealing option for long-term budgeting.

Green Texas 18 AutoPay

Green Texas 18 AutoPay focuses on environmental responsibility, providing green energy at a competitive rate for 18 months. Customers also benefit from a discount with AutoPay and have the opportunity to lock in their rate. It's a suitable plan for those passionate about contributing to green energy.

Free Power Weekends On Us 24

The Free Power Weekends On Us 24 plan is perfect for weekend homebodies, offering free electricity from Friday evening to Sunday night for 24 months. In addition to locking in a competitive rate, customers will enjoy a complimentary Amazon Prime membership and support renewable energy.

Free Power Weekends 12 AutoPay

Similar to the plan above but with a 12-month duration, the Free Power Weekends 12 AutoPay plan offers free weekend electricity and a competitive fixed rate. With an AutoPay discount and free power from Friday evening to Sunday night, it's suitable for those seeking shorter contracts.

Twelve Hour Power 18 AutoPay

The Twelve Hour Power 18 AutoPay plan offers free electricity every night from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. for 18 months. With a discounted rate through AutoPay and a competitive fixed rate, it's ideal for night owls wanting a shorter contract length.

Power Balance 12

Power Balance 12 offers a balanced bill, meaning your payment remains the same every month for 12 months for usage up to 2,000 kWh. With a locked-in competitive fixed rate, it's a perfect choice for budget-conscious customers seeking consistent bills.

Live Brighter 12 AutoPay

Live Brighter 12 AutoPay provides a low, steady rate for 12 months. This plan comes with an AutoPay discount and a locked-in competitive fixed rate, making it an excellent option for customers desiring predictable monthly bills.

About Direct Energy Texas

Direct Energy is a trusted and leading energy provider that is committed to delivering energy solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs. As one of the largest energy companies in North America, Direct Energy operates in all 50 states, serving millions of residential and business customers.

Direct Energy History

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 1986, and now headquartered in Houston, Direct Energy has experienced multiple ownership changes over the years. In 2000, British multinational Centrica PLC acquired it, and more recently in 2021, NRG Energy became its current owner, expanding its customer base significantly.

Direct Energy Services

Direct Energy provides electricity services throughout all the electricity deregulated states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachussets, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Penssylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Washington D.C.

In Texas, it operates in all the major cities within deregulated energy areas such as Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, under utilities like Centerpoint, AEP Texas Central and TNMP.

How Many Customers Does Direct Energy Serve?

As one of the largest energy providers in North America, Direct Energy serves more than 4 millions customers, both residential and commercial.

What Differentiates Direct Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

As one of the leading energy providers across North America, Direct Energy has cultivated a reputation for innovation, adaptability, and customer trust. With a diverse and strong portfolio, the company offers personalized products and services that support customers in managing their energy costs.

Direct Energy's success is marked by its growth in varied geographies and a wide array of tailored product lines. Their unique benefits, such as inclusion of Amazon Prime memberships and customizable eco-friendly energy plans, demonstrate a commitment to flexibility and customer satisfaction. This combination sets Direct Energy apart as a preferred choice for many, distinguishing them from other competitive energy retailers on the continent.

Direct Energy for Businesses

Direct Energy extends its innovative energy services to the commercial sector, catering to a diverse array of businesses. This includes government bodies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, commercial real estate, manufacturing industries, retail establishments, and the food and beverage sector. They also have specific rates available for large business, through NRG Energy.

Offering a variety of customizable plans, Direct Energy enables businesses to select options that align with their budgetary constraints and energy consumption needs. Their commitment to flexibility ensures that businesses of all types and sizes find tailored solutions for their unique requirements.

Direct Energy Reviews

Direct Energy's services have been reviewed by numerous customers. Here are a few:

  • "Gaddy from Customer Service really helped me when I had problems logging into my account."
  • "The 36-month rate lock has been HUGE savings. Service has been reliable with no problems during the first year."
  • "If you pay a day late they charge you a $15 fee."

They have a rating of 4.2/5 ⭐ with more than 1.2K reviews on their Google Business Profile, and a page on Yelp for more reviews.

Direct Energy Contact Information


Direct Energy

P.O. Box 3765, Houston, TX 77253-3765

Direct Energy

910 Louisiana St, Suite B200, Houston, TX 77002