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Type of Rates Offered by Energy Texas

  • Fixed-rate Plans: For instance, Energy Texas' "36 Inflation Fix," "Come & Take It 12," "Bigger Than Texas 24," and "The Gruene 18" offer fixed rates for specified periods. Ideal for budget-conscious consumers, these plans protect against market volatility and provide stability. Additional perks include discounts during extreme weather events and redeemable rewards.
  • Month-to-month Variable Rate: Energy Texas' "Monthly" plan adjusts according to market conditions. Perfect for those who frequently move or have flexible budgets, this plan also offers rewards redeemable for gift cards.
  • Special Plans for Movers: The "Moving Made Easy" plan is tailored for those relocating. It offers a low rate for the first bill and a gift card reward for timely payment, providing financial ease during the moving process.
  • Green Plans: All Energy Texas plans, such as the "Bigger Than Texas 24," are 100% renewable, allowing you to support green energy. These plans not only provide stability and affordability, but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Energy Texas Electricity Plans

We strive to keep our data current, but please note that Retail Energy Providers (REPs) can alter their plans and terms without notice. Always review the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for each plan's conditions before making a decision.

Energy Texas Monthly

Experience an excellent rate on your first bill with the Energy Texas Monthly plan.

This flexible month-to-month option adapts to market conditions and is perfect for nomads, expats, frequent travelers, or those with adaptable budgets.

With 100% renewable energy, you'll also earn Rangler Rewards redeemable for gift cards to Amazon and Target, making it a truly rewarding choice.

Moving Made Easy

Make moving stress-free with the Energy Texas Moving Made Easy plan.

Lock in the lowest rate for your first bill and stay budget-friendly, even during the hustle of a move. With 100% renewable energy, make an eco-friendly choice for your new abode.

Pay your first bill on time and receive a $25 DoorDash gift card, adding a touch of convenience to your relocation.

Ideal for both short and long-term lease renters, this plan prioritizes flexibility and price stability, perfect for those on the move and budget-conscious consumers.

36 Inflation Fix

Guard against inflation with the 36 Inflation Fix plan. 

Lock in a competitive rate for 3 years, protect against market volatility, and enjoy the benefits of 100% renewable energy.

Ideal for single-family homeowners, long-term renters, and budget-conscious consumers, you'll accrue long-term rewards and have peace of mind knowing you're protected from inflation.

Come & Take It 12

Secure a great rate for one year with the Come & Take It 12 plan.

Designed for single-family homeowners, long-term renters, budget-conscious individuals, and semi-permanent residents, this plan protects against market volatility and accrues rewards over an extended period.

Plus, enjoy a 10% discount on energy charges during extreme weather events with Peak Perks.

Bigger Than Texas 24

Opt for Bigger Than Texas 24 and enjoy 24 months of 100% renewable energy at a locked-in rate.

This plan, perfect for single-family homeowners, long-term renters, and budget-conscious consumers, protects against market volatility and qualifies you for monthly drawings.

You'll also benefit from Rangler Rewards, redeemable for exciting gifts like Amazon gift cards or a free month of electricity.

The Gruene 18

Choose The Gruene 18 for a fixed rate and 18 months of 100% renewable energy.

Designed for single-family homeowners, long-term renters, and budget-conscious consumers, this plan protects you from market volatility.

Earn Rangler Rewards redeemable for gift cards and smart home tech, and contribute to a greener future while enjoying a great rate.

About Energy Texas

Founded in 2020 in Houston, Energy Texas Energy Texas is a Retail Electric Provider (REP) that stands out for its straightforward, no-frills approach to electricity provision. Their commitment to delivering simple plans, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service forms the basis of their operations.

They have a future-focused approach, offering 100% renewable energy plans sourced from wind and solar energy. On top of these, their Tex-cellent customer service ensures you always come first.

Energy Texas History

Established by a team of energy enthusiasts, Energy Texas has been making waves in the Texas energy market since its inception. It has remained under the ownership of its founders, steadily growing into a reputable energy provider.

It has retained its unique identity and commitment to Texas residents, with no significant changes in ownership or newsworthy events disrupting its journey.

Where Does Energy Texas Operate?

Energy Texas operates across the entire state of Texas, servicing all deregulated metropolitan areas, including Dallas and Houston. They extend their services to all the areas served by the five major Texas utilities, like Texas New Mexico Power. Smaller cities such as McAllen and Temple also receive service.

As of now, their operations remain exclusive to Texas.

How Many Customers Does Energy Texas Serve?

Energy Texas serves a vast customer base spread, which includes a mix of residential and commercial customers. While the exact numbers remain confidential, their popularity and expansive operations indicate a sizable (and growing!) customer base.

What Differentiates Energy Texas From Other Retail Electric Providers?

What sets Energy Texas apart is its commitment to customer-centric operations.

They offer a rewarding experience with their Rangler Rewards program, where on-time bill payments and enrolling in their energy conservation program can earn you points.

You can then redeem these for bill credits, gift cards, and more. They also offer a unique Freedom Flex plan, enabling customers to change their electricity plan as often as every 30 days with no early termination fees.

Energy Texas' "Build Your Own Plan" Initiative

Energy Texas has recently launched an initiative called "Build Your Own Plan." This program enables customers to design an energy plan that aligns with their unique needs. The building process includes several customizable features:

  • Plan Duration: Customers can select their preferred plan length, with options ranging from one to 36 months
  • Billing and Payment: Options for paperless billing and automatic payments are available to streamline the payment process
  • Additional Features: Customers can opt to include extra benefits such as Peak Perks and Freedom Flex in their plan
  • Rewards and Guarantees: The plan automatically includes Rangler Rewards and the Giddy Up Guarantee, offering additional ways to optimize the plan
  • Home Protection: In partnership with AIG, customers can choose to add up to four types of coverage to their plan, protecting against unexpected home repair costs

By leveraging this new initiative, customers can enjoy a highly personalized experience with Energy Texas, including the benefits of 100% renewable energy.

Energy Texas for Businesses

Energy Texas extends its no-frills energy plans to businesses as well, believing that Texan businesses deserve nothing short of the best.

They provide the same straightforward plans, competitive pricing, and top-tier customer service to commercial customers. They offer renewable energy plans and ensure easy account management through their app. This way, businesses have more control and flexibility over their energy usage and expenditures, leading to potentially significant cost savings.

Energy Texas Reviews

It's always insightful to get a glimpse of the customer experience with a company. Let's explore some customer reviews about Energy Texas:

  • "The easy-to-understand billing and detailed information is what all billing should be. The Rewards Program is unlike any that I’ve seen from any energy company that I have had in the past.”
  • "Great company however they need to work on the Rewards Program."
  • "I spent six years with a different energy company before joining Energy Texas. So far I am not regretting the decision to switch.”
  • "Great company however they need to work on the Rewards Program, requested a gift card on December 5, 2022 and after a few emails they answered and stated it it would be 6-8 weeks to get an electronic gift card..."

You can find more reviews on their Google profile (where they have a 4.3/5 rating) and on their Yelp review page.

Energy Texas Contact Information

(800) 256 0651

Energy Texas

P.O. Box 2209, Bellaire, TX 77402

Energy Texas

1702 Taylor St, Suite 101, Houston, TX 77007