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Types of Rates Offered by Express Energy

Express Energy offers a range of fixed-rate plans designed to cater to various household sizes and energy needs. Their plans provide the assurance of a consistent rate throughout the contract term, excluding certain conditions such as changes in TDSP charges or regulatory actions.

Express Energy Electricity Plans

Please note, while we strive for accuracy, plan details and conditions may be updated by the provider without prior notice.

Power Flash 12/24

The "Power Flash 12/24" plans are specifically designed for large households with high energy consumption. Available in both 12 and 24-month contract durations, these plans offer a stable pricing structure ideal for households looking to manage their energy budgets effectively.

Flash 12/24 and Fast Lane 12

"Flash 12/24" and "Fast Lane 12" are tailored for medium-sized households with moderate energy needs. These plans provide a balance between cost efficiency and energy sufficiency, available in both 12 and 24-month options.

Express 12/36

The "Express 12/36" plans are suited for smaller homes with lower energy requirements. Available in 12 or 36-month contracts, they offer a cost-effective solution for those seeking a basic energy plan that aligns with their smaller-scale energy usage.

About Express Energy Texas

Express Energy stands out in the Texas electricity market with its principle of 'No Frills. Low Bills.' They focus on simplicity and streamlined online shopping experiences, ensuring reliable electricity services at lower costs. Express Energy's approach ensures customers receive the same dependable service as more expensive brands but at more affordable rates.

The History of Express Energy

Express Energy, embracing the concept of focuses on efficient online shopping and complete digital account management. This efficient model allows them to offer competitive rates in the market, fostering long-term customer relationships through ongoing trust and affordability.

Where Does Express Energy Operate?

Operating across several deregulated areas in Texas, Express Energy tailors its services to the varied needs of Texas residents. Their commitment lies in providing straightforward, cost-effective energy solutions, aiding in easier household budget management. They can be found in Odessa, McAllen, Sherman, and Lubbock, operating in tandem with your standard kit of TDUs, such as Centerpoint or TNMP.

How Many Customers Does Express Energy Serve?

While Express Energy does not publicly disclose specific customer numbers, their streamlined approach and competitive pricing strategies suggest a significant customer base in Texas. Their focus on simplicity and affordability likely appeals to a broad range of residential customers, estimated to be in the tens of thousands.

What Differentiates Express Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

Express Energy differentiates itself through its motto 'No Frills. Low Bills.' This philosophy underpins their entire operation, from simplified online shopping to efficient account management. By focusing solely on residential electricity and eschewing commercial plans, they provide a tailored experience for homeowners.

Their commitment to low rates and simplified service offerings sets them apart in a market crowded with more complex and often more expensive alternatives.

Express Energy for Businesses

Express Energy primarily focuses on residential electricity services and does not currently offer specific plans for commercial or business customers. Their streamlined approach and competitive pricing are tailored to meet the needs of individual households, ensuring simplicity and affordability in residential electricity supply.

For those seeking business-specific energy solutions, please reach out to us, and our team will prepare a personalized quote for your particular needs.

Express Energy Contact Information

(844) 361-2080

Express Energy

P.O. Box 660361 Dallas, TX 75266-0361

Express Energy

6555 Sierra Drive, Irving, TX 75039