Green Mountain Energy Rates, Plans and FAQs

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Types of Rates Offered by Green Mountain Energy

  • Fixed Rate: The cornerstone of Green Mountain Energy's rate offerings are the Fixed Rate plans. This type of rate guarantees stability and predictability. Regardless of market conditions or seasonal changes, customers enrolled in a Fixed Rate plan will pay the same rate per kilowatt-hour throughout the term of their contract, which typically ranges from 12 to 24 months. This kind of plans are ideal for those who value financial stability and predictability.
  • Month-to-Month Rate: For those seeking more flexibility, Green Mountain Energy offers Month-to-Month plans like Pollution Free™ e-Plus. This type of rate does not tie you down to a long-term contract. Rates may fluctuate depending on the current market conditions, but the upside is that you are free to switch plans or providers at any time without penalty. This plan is a great fit for individuals whose living situation may be more temporary or uncertain.
  • Green Plans: As the name implies, Green Mountain Energy is a pioneer in renewable energy. All their plans come with 100% renewable energy, supporting the generation of renewable energy resources. It's the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable energy future.
  • Free Night Plans: Under these plans, electricity usage is free from the evening hours into the early morning. It's an excellent option for those who spend their days out and about, saving most of their heavy electricity usage for the evening.

Green Mountain Energy Electricity Plans

We strive to keep our information updated, but REPs often change their plans and conditions without notice. Always refer to each plan's EFL for the most current details.

Pollution Free™ e-Plus 12

The Pollution Free™ e-Plus 12 plan is a fixed-rate plan that offers 100% clean, renewable energy for a period of 12 months. This plan is perfect for environmentally conscious consumers looking for stability in their electricity rates and the assurance of contributing to a greener future. This 12-month term also offers an ideal balance between commitment and flexibility.

Pollution Free™ e-Plus 24

This plan takes everything you love about the e-Plus 12 and extends it for a term of 24 months. The Pollution Free™ e-Plus 24 plan locks in your rate for two full years, providing long-term predictability for your energy costs. This option is perfect for customers who prefer to set it and forget it, minimizing the hassle of frequent rate shopping.

Pollution Free™ e-Plus

The Pollution Free™ e-Plus plan is Green Mountain Energy's variable rate offering. This plan affords maximum flexibility with no long-term commitment. Rates may vary month-to-month, but it allows consumers to take advantage of market lows. This plan is best for those who can manage the risk and potential reward of variable energy prices.

Pollution Free™ All Nighter 12

The Pollution Free™ All Nighter 12 plan is a novel 12-month fixed-rate plan that offers free electricity every night from 9 pm to 5:59 am. It's an excellent option for night owls and those who can shift significant energy use to the nighttime hours. This plan enables users to take advantage of non-peak hours, potentially saving a significant amount on their electricity bills.

Pollution Free™ Conserve 12

Green Mountain Energy's Pollution Free™ Conserve 12 plan is designed for energy-conscious consumers. This 12-month fixed-rate plan not only supplies 100% renewable energy, but it also encourages energy efficiency by offering potential bill credits for customers who use less electricity.

Pollution Free™ with Google Nest 24

Combining energy savings with smart home technology, the Pollution Free™ with Google Nest 24 plan provides customers a two-year fixed rate, 100% renewable energy, and a Google Nest Smart Thermostat at no extra charge. This device learns your habits to help save energy, making this plan ideal for tech-savvy, energy-conscious consumers.

About Green Mountain Energy Texas

Green Mountain Energy is a trusted electricity provider in Texas and beyond, pioneering the development and promotion of clean, renewable energy.

Committed to providing a greener and more sustainable future, Green Mountain Energy has consistently worked towards delivering 100% renewable energy plans to its customers. It’s a choice for consumers who are not just cost-conscious but also environmentally aware.

Green Mountain Energy History

Founded in 1997, Green Mountain Energy has the distinction of being the longest-serving renewable energy retailer in the U.S. Originally independent, it was acquired by NRG Energy, a leading electricity provider, in 2010.

While the parent company owns other REPs, Green Mountain Energy stands out for its focus on 100% renewable energy. Throughout its history, Green Mountain Energy has been recognized for its contributions to the growth of renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

Where Does Green Mountain Energy Operate?

While headquartered in Texas, Green Mountain Energy operates not just across the Lone Star State but also in other deregulated markets in the United States. In Texas, Green Mountain Energy serves customers in deregultaed cities like Dallas, McAllen and Corpus Christi, under utilities such as Oncor and AEP Texas North.

Beyond Texas, it operates in markets like Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

How Many Customers Does Green Mountain Energy Serve?

With its broad service area and diverse plan offerings, Green Mountain Energy serves hundreds of thousands of customers across its markets, both residential and commercial. Its strong commitment to green energy and customer service has helped it to steadily grow its customer base over the years.

What Differentiates Green Mountain Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

What sets Green Mountain Energy apart from other REPs is its unwavering commitment to renewable energy. Every plan it offers provides 100% renewable energy, enabling customers to support a cleaner, greener future while enjoying reliable electricity service.

This dedication to green energy, combined with a wide variety of plan options and a strong reputation for customer service, makes Green Mountain Energy a compelling choice for many energy shoppers.

Green Mountain Energy for Businesses

In addition to its residential offerings, Green Mountain Energy caters to the commercial sector as well. Recognizing the growing demand for sustainable business practices, Green Mountain Energy provides green energy plans tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

These plans allow businesses to reduce their environmental impact, meet sustainability goals, and often save on their energy costs.

Green Mountain Energy Reviews

These are some of the reviews left by Green Mountain Energy customers:

  • "I have been a customer of Green Mountain, since moving to Irving Tx 2010. CS is a group of professionals that will assist in anyway they can. During the Winter Storm here is Texas not one day did we lose power."
  • "The free nights plan that I signed up for is perfect for my needs as I am at work during the day and allowing me to charge my EV for free and lower my thermostat temperature at night."
  • "I've been with Green Mountain Energy for many years and happy with the service. When I purchased the solar panels, I was told I should keep Green Mountain as a backup should the power fail. I was told by Ephase that they felt confident my electricity would be solar powered 96% of the time. I have had no bill from Green Mountain in 6 years. Now I received a $34 ,bill June of 2023. What a surprise I didn't expect. So I called to why I received this bill. I was told it covers AEP and taxes. "

On its Google profile, the company has more than 2,200 reviews with a total of 3.9/5 ⭐. Green Mountain Energy also has a profile available on Yelp.

Green Mountain Energy Contact Information

(866) 785-4668

Green Mountain Energy

P.O. Box 660305, Dallas, TX 75266-0305

Green Mountain Energy

910 Louisiana Street, Houston, TX 77002