New Power Texas Electricity Plans, Rates and FAQs

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About New Power Texas

New Power Texas is a retail electricity provider dedicated to offering transparent, no-frills electricity plans at competitive prices. Serving customers across Texas, the company aims to keep electricity provision easy and quick, focusing on essential needs.

New Power Texas History

Founded in 2018 by its parent company, Pulse Power, New Power Texas has quickly become a recognized name in the energy market. It later became a subsidiary of Shell Energy when Pulse Power was acquired in 2021.

The brand's transparent approach to providing affordable energy has marked its presence in the industry.

Where Does New Power Texas Operate?

New Power Texas operates exclusively in Texas, including major deregulated energy areas such as Houston, Arlington, and Frisco.

They work within the service areas of various Texas utilities, including Centerpoint Energy, to ensure widespread coverage.

How Many Customers Does New Power Texas Serve?

Information regarding the exact number of customers served by New Power Texas is not publicly available. The company offers services to residential customers across the state.

What Differentiates New Power Texas From Other Retail Electric Providers?

What sets New Power Texas apart is its commitment to transparency, simplicity, and affordable pricing. Offering 100% environmentally friendly sources, they focus on customer satisfaction without the extra frills.

New Power Texas for Businesses

New Power Texas currently offers plans for residential customers only.

New Power Texas Reviews

See what other customers are saying about New Power Texas:

  • "My electric bill is lower than other services I have used plus the staff is helpful when I need help and don't contact me constantly."
  • "I have been with New Power several years and I am satisfied. My bills are larger than I like in the summer, but I use more electricity in the summer months."
  • "I have had good results with this company until today. Without notice electric was turned off without notice even though we had proof of Bill being paid with canceled check that was faxed ASAP. Apparently they they may have missed that check."

They have a rating of 3/5 ⭐ with over 150 reviews on their Google Business Profile, and you can find more opinions on their Yelp page.

New Power Texas Contact Information

(888) 853-5747

New Power Texas

P.O. Box

New Power Texas

10200 Grogan's Mill, Suite 150, The Woodlands, TX 77380