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Types of Rates Offered by OhmConnect Energy

  • Fixed Rate Plans: OhmConnect Energy offers various fixed rate plans such as TexasConnect 12, TexasConnect 24, TexasConnect 36, and more. These plans provide a constant electricity rate throughout the contract duration.
  • Half-price Nights Plans: Plans like Half-price Nights 12 and Half-price Nights 24 offer electricity at half-price during the night, specifically from 9 PM to 5:59 AM.
  • PoolConnect Plans: These peculiar plans offeer customers a lower energy charge during specific hours, namely from 6 AM to 1:59 PM.
  • Green Connect Plan: The Green Connect 12 is a 100% renewable, fixed-rate plan, aligning with eco-friendly energy consumption.
  • EVConnect Plans: EVConnect 12 and EVConnect 24, besides being 100% renewable, offer half-price charging hours for electric vehicles from 9 PM to 4:59 AM.

OhmConnect Energy Electricity Plans

Note: The details of these plans are subject to change. Please visit OhmConnect Energy’s website for the most current information.

TexasConnect 36

The TexasConnect 36 is a 36-month fixed-rate plan, offering a reliable pricing structure over a three-year period. This plan is particularly advantageous for customers who prefer long-term financial predictability in their electricity costs. It eliminates the uncertainty of fluctuating energy prices, making budget planning more manageable for households and businesses alike, but it also means you'll miss out on any dips in market rates.

Half-price Nights 24

Half-price Nights 24 is a 24-month plan that features reduced electricity rates during nighttime hours. This plan is an excellent option for individuals or families who find their energy usage peaking in the evening and nighttime. It's especially beneficial for those who run energy-intensive appliances or heating/cooling systems more frequently at night, but not so much if most of your demand happens during the day.

Green Connect 12

Green Connect 12, lasting for 12 months, is a 100% renewable energy plan, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally friendly energy sources. This plan supports eco-conscious living by providing electricity generated from renewable resources. It's an ideal choice for customers keen on reducing their carbon footprint while still enjoying reliable energy services. Green plans are oftentimes cheaper than regular ones.

EVConnect 24

EVConnect 24, designed with electric vehicle owners in mind, offers a 24-month term of renewable energy with the added benefit of half-price charging hours during the night. This plan is tailored to meet the needs of EV owners, providing cost-effective charging solutions and supporting the transition to cleaner transportation options.

About OhmConnect Energy Texas

OhmConnect Energy, a San Francisco-based startup, extends its innovative energy solutions to Texas, offering smart, energy-efficient plans to both residential and commercial customers. Their unique approach integrates smart meter analytics and energy market integration, empowering users to actively manage and reduce their energy consumption especially during peak hours.

The History of OhmConnect Energy

Founded in February 2014, OhmConnect Energy began its journey in the Pacific Gas and Electric territory, expanding to other major utilities later. The concept originated during a hackathon in Oakland in 2013 and later won an energy data competition by the U.S. Department of Energy. The company has grown by promoting energy conservation and offering financial rewards to customers who reduce energy usage during peak times, a practice known as "demand response."

OhmConnect's model involves selling aggregated energy savings into the wholesale market, a relatively new concept in the energy sector. This unique business model contributes to environmental sustainability by encouraging reduced use of "peaker" power plants.

Where Does OhmConnect Energy Operate?

OhmConnect Energy initially launched its services in California, within the territory of Pacific Gas and Electric, and expanded to cover areas serviced by Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric. They have since extended their innovative energy management solutions to other states, including Texas.

In Texas, OhmConnect Energy operates within the deregulated energy market, offering their unique demand response program to residential customers. You can expect to find OhmConnect Energy's services being offered in the major metropolitan areas of Texas, such as Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio, covering a wide range of the state's deregulated energy market.

How Many Customers Does OhmConnect Energy Serve?

While exact customer numbers for OhmConnect Energy are not publicly available, estimates suggest they serve a significant client base. The company operates in regions like California and Texas, and also has a presence in Australia. The estimated number of clients, spread across these areas, ranges between 300,000 and 500,000, indicating a substantial reach in the energy sector.

What Differentiates OhmConnect Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

OhmConnect Energy distinguishes itself from other Retail Electric Providers through its unique business model centered around "demand response." Unlike traditional energy suppliers, OhmConnect offers a program where customers can earn financial rewards for reducing their electricity usage during peak demand times.

This innovative approach not only promotes energy conservation but also allows customers to actively participate in energy market dynamics. Additionally, their focus on integrating smart meter analytics and providing real-time energy usage insights further sets them apart in the market, especially for customers interested in smart and sustainable energy management.

OhmConnect Energy for Businesses

OhmConnect Energy primarily focuses on residential clientele and does not appear to offer specific commercial or business electricity plans at this time. If you own a businesses and are interested in exploring commercial electricity options, please let us know. Our team will reach out to you to provide a tailored solution for your business.

OhmConnect Energy Reviews

Customer experiences provide valuable insights into the quality of this REP's service. Here are some reviews OhmConnect Energy received from their customers:

  • "It’s a great way to save money and it makes it fun for the whole family to get involved and help save energy."
  • "Very competitive pricing. Helpful and good followup service. Free smart plug and credits when linked to OhmConnect acct."
  • "I like the idea. But oh connect could be smarter about giving credits to people who are already top energy savers."

For more customer feedback, visit their Trustpilot page, which holds a reasonable 3.7/5 ⭐ rating based on over two thousand reviews: OhmConnect Energy Reviews on Trustpilot.

OhmConnect Energy Contact Information

(855) 961-4646

OhmConnect Energy

P.O. Box 920919 Houston, TX 77018

OhmConnect Energy

2100 West Loop South, Suite 900, Houston, TX 77027