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Types of Rates Offered by Ranchero Power

  • Fixed Rate: Ranchero Power's fixed rate plans offer a stable electricity price throughout your contract term. Ideal for those seeking budget stability against market fluctuations, subject to conditions like TDSP changes or regulatory actions.
  • Month-to-month: Ranchero Power also offers month-to-month plans that provide the freedom of not being tied to a long-term contract. These plans are ideal for customers who prefer adaptability and want the ability to switch or cancel without incurring hefty fees.

Ranchero Power Electricity Plans

Although we strive to ensure accuracy, the listed plans and conditions might be updated by the provider without prior notice. Availability and pricing may change depending on your location.

Smart & Fixed Rate Plan - 12 Months

This 12-month fixed-rate plan is the most popular choice among customers seeking a balance between commitment and flexibility. It offers price stability for an entire year, allowing for better budget management. Enrollments completed before 2 PM CST are eligible for same-day service start, making it convenient for those in urgent need of electricity services. Currently, it has an early cancellation fee of $179.

Smart & Fixed Rate Plan - 36 Months

Ideal for customers looking for longer-term price certainty, this 36-month plan locks in rates for three years. It mirrors the benefits of the 12-month plan, including the option for same-day service for early enrollments. This plan is well-suited for customers who prefer extended stability in their electricity pricing. The early cancellation fee for this plan is $179.

Ranchero Smart & Fixed 48

The longest of the fixed-rate plans, Ranchero Smart & Fixed 48, extends rate security to four years. A notable feature of this plan is the "$50 Bill Credit Bonus" applied to your first month's bill. However, it may have more stringent credit requirements compared to shorter-term plans, making it ideal for those with a stable credit background. The early cancellation fee is also $179.

No Contract Advantage

Offering the utmost in flexibility, the No Contract Advantage plan is a month-to-month plan that comes without any early cancellation fees. It's perfect for those who prefer not to commit to a fixed term and enjoy the freedom to change plans as needed. This plan also includes the benefit of same-day service for enrollments before 2 PM CST, catering to customers needing immediate service.

About Ranchero Power Texas

Ranchero Power, established in 2019, is a Houston-based Retail Electric Provider focused on offering fixed-rate and month-to-month energy options for residential customers across the deregulated areas of Texas.

Where Does Ranchero Power Operate?

Ranchero Power serves the Texas deregulated energy market, including cities like Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Galveston. They work closely with utilities such as Oncor, CenterPoint Energy and Texas New Mexico Power to be able to reach and service their clientele.

Clientele Served by Ranchero Power

Ranchero Power maintains a significant presence in Texas, serving a broad range of customers. This is mostly comprised of residential households, as no information regarding commercial plans can be found at this time.

What sets Ranchero Power apart from other providers?

Ranchero Power stands out in the Texas electricity market with its unique blend of offerings. Emphasizing their Texas-oriented nature, they provide a range of plans from month-to-month options to extended 4-year fixed-rate plans, catering to customers seeking varying levels of stability and predictability they may not find elsewhere. This diversity in plan length, combined with a commitment to customer-focused service and transparent pricing, positions Ranchero Power as a versatile and reliable energy provider for Texans.

Ranchero Power for Businesses

Ranchero Power mainly provides services to residential customers. If you are a business in need of commercial electricity solutions, we suggest exploring alternatives on our Ladybug Energy providers page. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for assistance in selecting a plan that aligns with your business requirements.

Ranchero Power Reviews

Customer reviews highlight Ranchero Power's reliability, customer service, and competitive pricing. Here are some reviews from their customers:

  • "Just called and got my electricity plan set up! It was so easy to do and the customer service representative was so kind. Super easy set up. Im excited to have Ranchero power on my side!"
  • "Very easy to get signed up, great rates too."
  • "Our electric bills went from close to $600-700 a month with our previous providers. Switched to Ranchero and our bills are cut in half. There isn’t any crazy extra charges. The only downfall is their website and customer service hours."

For more customer reviews, visit Ranchero Power's Google Business Profile. They have a well-earned 4/5 ⭐ rating based on 26 reviews.

Ranchero Power Contact Information

(888) 204-3202

Ranchero Power

P.O. Box 734770, Dallas, TX 75373-4770

Ranchero Power

5858 Westheimer Road, Suite 707 Houston, TX 77057