Reliant Energy Electricity Plans, Rates and FAQs

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Types of Rates Offered by Reliant Energy in Texas

Reliant Energy offers several rate types to accommodate diverse needs:

  • Fixed-Rate Plans: These plans come with a predetermined rate that remains constant for the entire contract term. Suitable for budget-conscious consumers, they offer protection against price fluctuations.
  • Variable-Rate Plans: Such plans offer rates that fluctuate based on market conditions. They're ideal for those who can adapt to changes and capitalize on periods of low prices.
  • Time-of-Use Plans: These plans involve different rates at different times of the day, usually with lower rates during off-peak hours. If you can shift much of your power usage to off-peak times, this can be a good option for you.
  • Green Energy Plans: For environmentally conscious consumers, Reliant Energy offers plans that use renewable energy sources. Enjoy electricity backed by solar or other green sources.

Reliant Energy Electricity Plans

We strive to keep this information updated, but Retail Electric Providers can change their plans and conditions without notice. Always check the conditions of each plan in their Electricity Facts Label (EFL).

Secure Advantage® 12

The Secure Advantage® 12 plan is a straightforward and simple energy plan designed with predictability in mind. It's perfect for those who prefer stability in their bills, offering a locked-in energy charge for a 12-month term.

This plan is designed to protect you from price fluctuations, as there is no usage fee when your energy use is at least 800 kWh per billing cycle. However, please note that a $9.95 usage charge applies when your energy usage falls below 800 kWh during any given billing cycle.

Secure Advantage® 24

Like the Secure Advantage 12, the Secure Advantage® 24 plan also offers a fixed rate, but this extends for a longer longer 24-month term. It's an excellent choice for those who want to secure their energy prices for two years.

Like the 12-month plan, there's no usage fee when you use at least 800 kWh, and a $9.95 usage charge applies when usage is below 800 kWh during a billing cycle. The early cancellation fee (payable only if you want to terminate your contract earlier is slightly higher at $295 due to the extended term.

Get More, Save More 24

The Get More, Save More 24 plan provides customers with the potential to lower their energy costs the more they consume. This unique pricing model offers a fixed energy charge for the first 1,000 kWh used, and a lower energy charge beyond that.

Please note that this plan is only valid for new residential Reliant customers with a Texas service address. The early termination fee is $295 should you decide to switch or cancel before the end of your term.

Flextra Credits 12

The Flextra Credits 12 plan offers an innovative pricing structure that provides free electricity on your 2 highest-usage days per week, up to 8 days a month. Not only that, but you will also get three $25 bill credits to use at your discretion during any month.

This plan is backed by 100% solar energy, which means you're reducing your carbon footprint without the need for solar panels on your property!

Clear Flex

As its name suggests, flexibility is key with the Clear Flex plan. This option is ideal for those who are uncertain about their long-term living situation or energy consumption patterns. No string attached!

With this month-to-month plan, you can enjoy the convenience of no long-term contract and zero cancellation fees. A usage charge of $9.95 applies when usage is below 800 kWh during a billing cycle. Note that prices may change in subsequent months dependion on market fluctuations.

Apartment 12

The Apartment 12 plan is specifically designed for apartment dwellers, offering a competitive fixed rate for a one-year term. The Apartment 12 plan offers a lower energy charge for the first 1,000 kWh, making it an excellent option if your energy consumption is typically lower.

This fixed-rate plan features no minimum usage fees and an early cancellation fee that decreases over time, based on the number of months remaining in your contract.

Truly Free Nights 100% Solar 12

The Truly Free Nights 100% Solar 12 plan offers free electricity usage from 8 PM to 6 AM, and all energy used during this plan is sourced from 100% renewable solar energy.

This plan is a great choice for those who can shift significant usage to the nighttime hours and for environmentally conscious consumers who want to support renewable energy sources. It also includes access to the Reliant app for convenient account management and usage tracking. The fixed daytime rate provides cost stability during the other hours.

Truly Free Weekends 100% Solar 12

Similar to the Truly Free Nights plan, the Truly Free Weekends 100% Solar 12 plan offers free electricity usage, but in this case, during entire weekends from 8 PM Friday to 12 AM Monday. This plan is perfect for those who are home on weekends and can shift their heavy electricity usage to these periods. The energy used during the plan is sourced from 100% renewable solar energy, appealing to those who prioritize environmental sustainability.

The early cancellation fee for this fixed rate plan is $150.

Home Advantage 24

Offering a long-term locked-in rate for 24 months, the Home Advantage 24 plan helps you avoid price spikes and offers a Google Nest Hub Max at no additional cost. This device allows you to keep an eye on your energy usage, make video calls, and provide assistance for your home, all in one display.

There are no penalties for using "too much" or "too little" electricity, making this plan a truly flexible choice. This plan is an excellent fit for homeowners who want a longer-term commitment with steady and predictable energy costs.

Seasonal Savings 12

The Seasonal Savings 12 plan is designed to help customers manage their energy costs during the high-usage seasons of summer and winter. It features a lower energy charge during these months compared to the spring and fall. The objective is to offer relief from seasonal bill spikes and assist with easier budgeting.

This plan is valid for new residential customers only. An early cancellation fee of $150 applies. As with other plans, it includes online and mobile account management and energy usage tools for convenience and efficiency.

Electric Vehicle 12

Designed for electric vehicle owners, this plan offers a lower rate for electricity used during off-peak hours (9 PM to 5 AM). This 12-month plan uses 100% renewable energy, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious EV drivers.

This plan is available to all residential customers in Texas with a provisioned smart meter and has an Early Cancellation Fee of $150.

About Reliant Energy TX

Reliant Energy is a prominent player in the Texas electricity market, known for its varied plans and commitment to customer service. Let's delve into what makes Reliant Energy stand out.

Reliant Energy Company History

Established in 2001, Reliant Energy is a Houston-based company owned by NRG Energy, a Fortune 500 company. NRG Energy has a diverse portfolio of retail electricity companies, with Reliant being one of the most recognized.

Over the years, Reliant has grown substantially, acquiring new customers and expanding its services.

Where Does Reliant Energy Operate?

Reliant Energy operates throughout Texas, serving areas under utilities like Oncor, CenterPoint Energy, and Texas New Mexico Power. They offer services in major cities within the regulated market such as Houston, Dallas, Carrollton, and McAllen.

How Many Customers Does Reliant Energy Serve?

Reliant Energy serves over six million residential and commercial customers, testament to their reputation and service quality.

What Differentiates Reliant Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

Reliant Energy's diverse range of plans, commitment to green energy, and excellent customer service set them apart from many other REPs. Their innovative plans such as time-of-use and specific plans for EV owners or apartment dwellers cater to various unique customer needs.

Unlike many other providers, Reliant offers an exciting Average Billing program, giving you the peace of mind of paying the same every month for the duration of your contract.

Another one of its strengths is its extensive 24/7 customer service hours.

Reliant Energy also has a deep commitment to the community: in 2022, their team dedicated a total of 4,000 hours to volunteer work and the company contributed $4.1 million in donations to over 200 community initiatives spread all over Texas.

Reliant Energy for Businesses

Reliant Energy also caters to commercial customers, offering specialized plans that cater to the unique energy needs of businesses. Their business energy plans are designed for stability, efficiency, and affordability.

Reliant Energy Reviews

Customer reviews often provide valuable insights into a company's performance. Here are a few experiences shared by Reliant Energy customers:

  • "The agent was very polite, professional & friendly. One of the few companies in our country today that values their customers & shows it!"
  • "Everything works. Good support via chat agents. No complaints."
  • "It depends on who you talk to as to their care, knowledge and helpfulness. Hold time is very bad. But right supervisor and resolution!"
  • "I’m now going to have two bills to pay since the utility didn’t read my meter for the month's bill."*

Their Google Business Profile, where you can find more reviews, has more than 2500 comments with an average rating of 4.5/5 ⭐ . For more information you can also visit their Yelp profile.

Reliant Energy Contact Information

(866) 222-7100

Reliant Energy

P.O. Box 3765, Houston, TX 77253-3765

Reliant Energy

910 Louisiana Street, 9050C, Houston, TX 77002