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Types of Rates Offered by Tomorrow Energy

  • Fixed Rate: This is a stable pricing option where customers are charged the same rate per kilowatt-hour throughout the duration of their contract. Fixed rates shield consumers from market fluctuations, ensuring consistent electricity costs. They are ideal for households with a predictable energy consumption pattern, as they can budget their energy expenses with certainty.

Tomorrow Energy Electricity Plans

We consistently update our data, but please note that Retail Electric Providers may modify, add, or remove plans without prior notice.

Earth Care 12

Earth Care 12 is a 12-month fixed-rate plan focused on providing eco-friendly energy solutions. Perfect for individuals who are keen on supporting green initiatives, this plan offers consistent rates throughout the year and aids in environment conservation.

In collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation, four trees are planted over the course of a year on behalf of every subscriber.

Earth Care 24

For those desiring longer-term eco-commitment, Earth Care 24 offers a 24-month period of fixed rates. This results in eight trees being planted during the subscription periodand so it's an optimal choice for those seeking long-term price stability and a commitment to sustainable energy practices.

About Tomorrow Energy

With more than ten years in the market, Tomorrow Energy is a beacon in the sustainable energy sector who also offer gas plans. With a vision anchored in creating a brighter, renewable energy-fueled future, the company stands out in the Texan energy map and beyond.

By placing emphasis on values like kindness, care, and sustainability, Tomorrow Energy seamlessly intertwines business and environmental benevolence. Their products, backed by 100% renewable energy and further accentuated by tree planting initiatives, lay a concrete path towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Tomorrow Energy History

The roots of Tomorrow Energy trace back to the year 2011, starting its journey under the name Sperian Energy. The company's transformation into Tomorrow Energy in 2018 was more than just a name change—it was a renewed pledge to champion a sustainable energy future.

Though later integrated into a larger energy conglomerate, Tomorrow Energy retained its distinct identity, marked by an unwavering focus on green energy alternatives.

In 2021, Tomorrow Energy was lauded as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Texas, an accolade awarded in collaboration with the Texas Association of Business, Texas SHRM, and Best Companies to Work for in Texas.

Where Does Tomorrow Energy Operate?

Tomorrow Energy powers homes across Texas, including major cities like Houston, Dallas, and Arlington. They operate within the service areas of major utilities such as Oncor and Centerpoint.

While predominantly a Texan entity, the company has expanded its horizons. Now, their renewable energy plans are available across multiple deregulated states including Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

How Many Customers Does Tomorrow Energy Serve?

Tomorrow Energy has served more than 190,000 residential customers, all benefiting from their green initiatives.

What Differentiates Tomorrow Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

What sets Tomorrow Energy apart is their unwavering commitment to the environment. Their plans often come with features that not only provide consistent rates but also contribute to ecological preservation, making them a popular choice among eco-conscious Texans.

Tomorrow Energy for Businesses

Currently, Tomorrow Energy caters primarily to residential customers. If you're a business looking for commercial electricity plans, feel free to explore other providers on our Ladybug Energy provider's page.

Tomorrow Energy Reviews

Peruse some recent feedback from Tomorrow Energy customers:

  • "Best rates in Texas. Love that Tree's are planted every 3 months.. feels good to be helping the environment."
  • "My cancellation was professionally handled in a timely manner. No complaints from me."
  • "Tomorrow Energy has been pretty good. My bills have been decent and not overly expensive. The only thing I’d say they could do better at is giving you free days 2 times a week (8 times a month) on the most expensive days like a lot of the other electric companies are doing in Texas."

They have an impressive 4/5 ⭐ rating with more than 700 reviews on their Google Business Profile and a dedicated page on Yelp for further insights.

Tomorrow Energy Contact Information

(888) 682-8082

Tomorrow Energy

P.O. Box

Tomorrow Energy

3151, Briarpark Dr, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77042