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Types of Rates Offered by TXU Energy

  • Fixed Rate: TXU Energy's fixed rate plans like "Simple Rate 12" and "Texas Choice 24" guarantee a constant electricity price throughout the term of your contract. Ideal for households or businesses that want budget stability against price fluctuations, these energy plans start from a one-year commitment and extend up to three years.
  • Month-to-month: The "Flex Forward" plan from TXU Energy is a month-to-month option. This flexible plan provides the freedom to switch or cancel without significant fees, perfect for customers seeking short-term solutions or adaptability.
  • Solar Buyback: The unique "Solar Buyback Match 36" plan rewards you for excess energy generated from your solar panels. A 3-year commitment, this plan offers an innovative way to benefit from your investment in solar energy.

TXU Energy Electricity Plans

Please note: While we strive for accuracy, plan details and conditions may be updated by the provider without prior notice.

Flex Forward

The "Flex Forward" plan is a month-to-month contract offering flexibility and freedom. With no long-term commitments, this plan is ideal for those who prefer short-term solutions and the ability to switch or cancel without hefty fees. It's perfect for residents who enjoy adaptability in their energy plans.

Simple Rate 12

"Simple Rate 12" is a 12-month fixed-rate product designed to provide stability in your electricity billing. This plan offers a consistent rate for one year, shielding you from market price fluctuations. It's suitable for households seeking a blend of predictability and affordability.

Texas Choice 24

The "Texas Choice 24" plan is a straightforward, green energy option with a fixed rate for two years. This plan appeals to those committed to environmental sustainability and looking for a stable electricity rate. Ideal for eco-conscious consumers, it offers the added benefit of supporting renewable energy sources.

Solar Buyback Match 36

"Solar Buyback Match 36" is a unique 36-month plan that compensates you for surplus energy produced by your solar panels. It's a great way to maximize the return on your solar investment while enjoying a consistent electricity rate. This plan is tailor-made for solar panel owners looking to benefit financially from their renewable energy production.

About TXU Energy Texas

Founded with a visionary approach, TXU Energy is a leading Retail Electric Provider in Texas, catering to both standard and renewable electricity needs for commercial and residential customers. Their commitment extends beyond energy provision to supporting community causes and sustainable initiatives.

The History of TXU Electric

TXU Energy, originally the Dallas Electric Lighting Company, began in 1882, bringing electricity to North Texas. Over time, it evolved through mergers and expansions. In 1945, Texas Utilities Company was formed as a holding company for three different entities in Dallas, Fort Worth, and west of Abilene.

In 1984, this entity merged into the Texas Utilities Electric Company, which later expanded internationally. In 1999, it was renamed TXU. TXU Energy was established on 2002 to serve Texas’ deregulated energy market, a role it continues to fulfill today.

Where Does TXU Energy Operate?

TXU Energy serves the Texas energy market exclusively. Their service areas include major cities like Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth, operating under utility zones such as Oncor and CenterPoint Energy. This extensive reach ensures they cover a broad spectrum of the deregulated areas in Texas.

At this time, there is no information available that points to TXU seeking to expand to other states besides Texas.

How Many Customers Does TXU Energy Serve?

With roots dating as far back as 1882, TXU Energy caters to a vast and diverse clientele across the US, whilst its parent company is present in three continents. Their clients range from individual homes to large commercial entities. This significant presence is a result of years of development and growth, and while the exact number of clients served is unknown, it is likely in the range hundreds of thousands.

What Differentiates TXU Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

TXU Energy offers a mobile app for tracking your energy usage and paying bills, and also a 60-day period for plan changes or cancellations without fees. They also offer specialized energy plans for electric vehicle owners and customers with solar panels, like "Solar Buyback Match 36" or "Free EV Miles 12".

TXU Energy for Businesses

TXU Energy services both residential and enterprise customers alike. Those seeking to enroll their business into a commercial electricity plan would need to reach out to TXU directly. Or let us know, so we can do the work for them!

TXU Energy Reviews

Customer experiences provide valuable insights into the quality of this REP's service. Here are some reviews TXU Energy received from their customers:

  • "The person was very helpful and helped me understand my options.. they are always so kind. This is why I stay a customer.."
  • "The rep was very patient and answered all my questions very well"
  • "The time it took for reconnection was a little long but overall good service"

For more customer feedback, visit their Trustpilot profile, which boasts a clean 4.9/5 ⭐ rating based on over a thousand reviews: TXU Energy Reviews on Trustpilot.

TXU Energy Contact Information

(866) 278-4898

TXU Energy

P.O. Box 650764 Dallas, TX 75265-0764

TXU Energy

6555 Sierra Drive, Irving, TX 75039