Varsity Energy Electricity Plans, Rates and FAQs

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Types of Rates Offered by Varsity Energy

  • Fixed Rate: Varsity Energy's fixed rate plans like "Blast 12" guarantee that your electricity price remains constant throughout the term of your contract. Ideal for households or businesses that want to secure their budget against price fluctuations, except for certain specified conditions like changes in TDSP charges or regulatory actions.

Varsity Energy Electricity Plans

Although we strive to ensure accuracy, the listed plans and conditions might be updated by the provider without prior notice.

Blast 12

The "Blast 12" plan is a 12-month fixed product with a rate that aims to offer great value. The current cancellation fee is $120. Perfect for those who prefer predictability in their billing, this plan ensures a consistent rate, subject only to some specific adjustments linked to administrative changes or regulations.

About Varsity Energy Texas

Founded in 2019 with a transformative vision, Varsity Energy is a Retail Electric Provider that operates in Texas, focusing on both standard and renewable electricity both for commercial and residential customers. They are driven by a dual commitment: to provide energy options tailored for the Texas community and to support causes their customers hold dear.

Where Does Varsity Energy Operate?

Varsity Energy services only the Texas energy market. Cities within their operational expanse include Houston, Carrollton, Frisco, and Laredo, among others. They operate under the service zones of utilities like Oncor and AEP Texas North, ensuring broad reach within the deregulated areas of the state.

How Many Customers Does Varsity Energy Serve?

While exact numbers remain undisclosed, Varsity Energy has been catering to a vast clientele, ranging from residential homes to commercial entities, further solidifying its footprint in the Lone Star State.

What Differentiates Varsity Energy From Other Retail Electric Providers?

Apart from offering diverse energy solutions, Varsity Energy distinguishes itself through its customer-centric approach, transparency in pricing, and a robust commitment to support community causes.

Varsity Energy for Businesses

Varsity Energy isn't just about serving households. They extend their quality service to businesses, understanding the unique needs of commercial customers. With tailored solutions and customizable plans, Varsity Energy is positioned to provide businesses with reliable and efficient electricity options.

Whether you own a small startup in Corpus Christi or manage a large corporate office in Dallas, Varsity Energy offers plans that can be molded to fit the energy consumption patterns and demands of various enterprises.

Varsity Energy Reviews

Reading firsthand experiences from customers can offer insights into what it's like being with Varsity Energy. Here are some reviews from Varsity Energy customers:

  • "Happy that varsity didn't gouge me when I wasn't paying attention and my annual contract reverted to month-to-month."
  • "Switching to Varsity has been the best decision! My bill has dropped almost in half. They are extremely responsive in all communication and so friendly to work with. Huge change from the usual energy companies out there."
  • "My contract was switched from fixed rate to variable rate without me knowing. They justify this by stating it is in the original contract I signed, which is true. Their attempt to contact me to inform me of the change was 1 email which went to spam, no mail or phone call"

To discover more customer feedback, check their Google Business Profile with a commendable 4.4/5 ⭐ rating based on over 50 reviews: Varsity Energy on Google.

Varsity Energy Contact Information

(877) 827-7389

Varsity Energy

P.O. Box

Varsity Energy

2925 Richmond Ave., Suite 1200, Houston, TX 77098