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Types of Rates Offered by Xoom Energy

  • Fixed Rate: Xoom Energy provides a diverse range of fixed rate plans, with plan terms ranging from 12 to 36 months. These plans are designed to offer price stability over the duration of your contract, protecting you from market volatility. They are suitable for customers who value long-term budget predictability.
  • Month-to-month: In addition to fixed rate plans, Xoom Energy also has month-to-month options. These flexible plans offer the freedom to switch or cancel without incurring significant fees, ideal for customers seeking short-term solutions or more adaptability.

Xoom Energy Electricity Plans

Although we strive to ensure accuracy, the listed plans and conditions might be updated by the provider without prior notice. Availability and pricing may change depending on your location.

SureLock 12 Unbundled

A popular choice for those seeking a one-year commitment, the SureLock 12 Unbundled plan ensures a fixed rate for 12 months, ideal for budgeting and financial planning. It offers a predictable energy cost, but with a cancellation fee of $150 for those who may need to opt out before their plan ends.

SureLock 24 Unbundled

The SureLock 24 Unbundled plan extends the security of a fixed rate over 24 months. This plan is suitable for customers looking for price stability in their energy costs for a longer term. This plan has a cancellation fee of $295 due to the increased plan term length.

SureLock 36 Unbundled

Targeted towards customers desiring the highest long-term stability possible, the SureLock 36 Unbundled plan locks in a fixed rate for three years. This plan is ideal for extensive budget planning, however, it does carry with it a hefty early cancellation fee of $395 if your plan is terminated before completion.

SimpleClean 18 Unbundled

Emphasizing environmental responsibility, the SimpleClean 18 Unbundled plan offers fixed-rate energy for 18 months, of which up to 50% is powered by renewable sources. This plan is an excellent choice for eco-conscious customers. The early cancellation fee is $180, slightly higher than the 12-month plan.

RescueLock 12 Unbundled

Combining energy supply with charity, the RescueLock 12 Unbundled plan locks your electricity rate for 12 months and also contributes 5% of your monthly charges to PetSmart Charities. Ideal for pet lovers, this plan comes with a modest early cancellation fee of $150.

SimpleFlex Unbundled

The SimpleFlex Unbundled plan offers a month-to-month arrangement, without the commitment of a long-term contract or an early cancellation fee. This plan is perfect for those seeking the ability to adjust their energy plan monthly. It also allows customers to switch to a fixed-rate plan at will.

About Xoom Energy Texas

Xoom Energy, a versatile Retail Electric Provider acting in 19 states, caters to both residential and commercial customers in Texas with a focus on diverse energy solutions, including renewable and charity-oriented options. Their commitment lies in offering energy plans tailored to the needs of the community they service.

Where Does Xoom Energy Operate?

Xoom Energy's services span across various Texas cities, like Mesquite, Pasadena, Lewisville, amongst others. They operate within the service zones of major utilities, including AEP Texas North, Oncor and Centerpoint. This ensures their presence in the deregulated energy market of Texas, reaching a wide range of customers.

Xoom Energy also acts in 18 other U.S. states, making them one of the largest energy retailers in the country.

Customer Base of Xoom Energy

Xoom Energy is among the largest energy retailers in the U.S. While the exact number of customers remains unspecified, it's likely that they serve hundreds of thousands of households and businesses across the US.

This extensive customer base highlights their significant presence in the [national energy deregulated market](https://www.ladybugenergy.com/electricity.

Unique Aspects of Xoom Energy

Xoom Energy's significant scale offers them a unique advantage. This extensive presence enables them to provide a wide range of energy solutions and ensures robust infrastructure support. Their size allows for competitive pricing, extensive customer service capabilities, and the ability to invest in innovative energy solutions. This large-scale operation contributes to their reputation as a reliable and diverse energy provider in the U.S. market.

Xoom Energy for Businesses

Xoom Energy services commercial clients as well as residential customers. They offer a variety of business plans, such as BizLock 12, BizRescueLock 12, BizSimpleClean 12, etc. With their broad market presence, Xoom Energy is well-equipped to provide businesses of various sizes with reliable and efficient electricity options.

Xoom Energy Reviews

Being such a large retail eletricity provider, Xoom Energy has no shortage of reviews available. Here are a few of them:

  • "Been happy and satisfied with the overall service and customer service interaction with Xoom Energy in Texas since being referred to them in 2015."
  • "I have over 15 accounts as a family for the past 3 years now. I like how simple it is to get service with xoom & how easy it is to get a hold of customer service for whatever reason, unlike other companies."
  • "Got a great rate the first year and when it was time to renew the only option was 2.8 cents higher so I had to drop them as they were not the cheaper option any longer."

For more reviews and customer feedback, check out their Yelp page.

Xoom Energy Contact Information

(888) 997-8979

Xoom Energy

P.O. Box 660133, Dallas, TX, 75266-0133